Buying and using any item/base from this store means that you have read and agree to these terms: https://kinklez.wixsite.com/arts/terms

  1. If the base contains my watermark, please leave it visible or give me credit in description. Do not claim the base as your own. You must give me proper credit for the base/lineart.
  2. Do not share or sell the file(s).
  3. You can use my bases/linearts for yourself, commissions, adopts, design concepts, etc., unless stated otherwise. You can use my bases/linearts to earn profit, unless stated otherwise.
  4. You can edit the base(s) in any way you choose, so long as I am credited for the original base. You may make add-ons for my bases, and sell them for profit or hand them out for free. Do not include any of the original layers of my bases in your add-on file(s).
  5. If you have any unresolved bewares on you and you are taking commissions using my bases, I will notify your commissoners about the beware(s) privately, until the issue is resolved. Please respect me, my bases, and your commissioners and be transparent. Artist-Bewares that are resolved or are older than 3 years or more do not apply to this rule.