Ark of Women Mentorship Academy (NEW MEMBERS - MARCH)

Each month will be a limited amount of seats for the Ark of Women Mentorship Academy!!! Each month you will have access to us for 2 weeks and obtain a wealth of knowledge. Every teacher needs a teacher!! Each month there will be a topic, materials, challenges and virtual networking opportunities for you to engage and connect with other Kingdom women! Don't Miss out on this Great Opportunity!! YAAY, I’m glad you decided to join this mentorship session which will last 2 weeks each month. We will gladly take you under our wings spiritually and groom you for kingdom work and in many cases marriage. Now keep in mind it will take time and patience. The best example of mentorship in the bible is Elijah and Elisha. Both parties had one thing in common, a love and a desire for the things of God. Elisha the mentee in this situation was humble willing and ready! As we go through this mentorship program you will learn basic things that will keep you a float. You will also learn spiritual things that will push you on the forefront of leadership. You will understand some rules of engagement.Every month we will have a seating capacity, otherwise there will be too many people. Regardless, if you are international or not, be not afraid as we will provide you with videos and Material that you will have forever.