GFF Eat like an Athlete Lesson Plan. Count on Carbohydrate

Pupils understand the link between what they eat and how they perform by discovering how athletes fuel their bodies. 

This lesson plan forms part of an 'Eat Like An Athlete' course. Other lesson plans in the course are 'The Power Of Protein', 'Fats For Fitness', 'Vitamins & Minerals', 'Hydration - Mind Your Pees', 'Brainy Breakfasts', 'How Sweet Is Your Tooth' and an 'Eat Like An Athlete' Competition. There is also a recipe booklet to accompany the lesson plans and links to videos and nutrition information on the web.

Learning Objectives -
• What are carbohydrates? 
• Why the body needs carbohydrates
• Carbohydrates as body fuel for energy, concentration, mood
• Practical uses to fuel physical activity
• Carbohydrates to fuel physical activity and sport
• How to identify slow-release vs. fast- release /complex vs. refined
• How to choose top sources of carbohydrate for sustained energy levels
Extension - Cooking with carbohydrates (optional, also no-cook options)

Links to nutrition information, supporting videos and recipes on the Go Faster Food website.