The R&B Chord Engine for CTHULHU

The R&B Chord Engine CTHULHU Preset Bank

Now Play One-Note R&B Chords through Any VST of your Choice on MAC, Windows or any Software you choose!
The R&B Chordz Engine is packed with tons of industry level, professional, advanced R&B chord progressions that can be played with the press of a key... using the CTHULHU vst.

The R&B Chordz Engine puts years of urban music theory at your finger tips! Play instant R&B chord progressions, learn the chord names, chord voicings, chord changes and more.

  • Play instant amazing R&B chords with the press of a key using any VST of your choice
  • Find R&B chords for any song or melody using "Scale Presets"
  • Learn advanced R&B chords and chord voicings
  • View each chord and chord name.
  • Full control over each note in each chord for limitless possibilities
  • Instant R&B Chord progression theory presets
  • Save time and energy. Expand your creative power. Empower yourself

Whats included:

R&B Chord Engine CTHULHU Preset Bank

System requirements: Works with MAC or Windows 32/64-bit.

How to install: Also see video here:
  1. First go to  to download the Free CTHULHU demo or purchase the full version if you do not have CTHULHU.
  2. Run the installer
  3. To install the R&B Chord Engine CTHULHU Presets: Extract the downloaded .zip file to your Xfer folder into Xfer/Cthulhu/Presets/Chord

    (Your Xfer folder can also be found by clicking "show presets folder" from the Cthulhu plugin)
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