MIDI Drum Loopz Vol.1

MIDI Drum Loopz is a quality drum loop kit (with MIDI) in the style of artists like Drake, Big Sean, J. Cole and others. MIDI Drum Loopz gives you full control over each drum loop. Not only do you get the MIDI drum files for each element but you also get FULL audio loop stems AND the one-shot drum samples for each loop.

Get going quickly on dope beats and turn these quality rhythms into your own masterpiaces. MIDI gives you the flexibility to edit and expand or completely alter the groove into your own work. The one-shot drum samples allow you to capture the same groove and feel from each Drum Loop and make it your own.

  • MIDI Drum Loops (Midi files provided for each drum element)
  • Full Audio Drum Loops
  • Audio Drum Loop Stems
  • One-shot Drum Samples
  • Hip-Hop, Trap, Boom Bap, R&B
  • 10 Loops Total