Soundscapes & Textures 101

Soundcapes 101 with Bonus Live Brass Samples

Sometimes as producers, all we need is a solid soundscape to build from. A soundcsape can be anything from ambient pads to mysterious and percusive textures that somehow spark inspiration for an entire track. Soundscapes 101 is a collection of highly usable musical textures and foundations in the style of today's R&B and Hip-Hop.

Dive into smooth eerie pads, mysterious textures, and more solid chord progressions with this pack. Soundscapes was inspired by current trends in R&B/Hip-Hop productions for quick inspiration and production. Audio and MIDI included.

Special Bonus!!!
Also included in Soundscapes 101 is a collection of Live Brass Samples chopped up and sliced for optimal placement in your tracks. There are 50+ live brass .wav files included. If you are looking to add REAL brass textures to your tracks, this is definitely a great option. Hear audio samples here:

What's Included?
  • Soundcapes 101 Audio & MIDI¬†
  • MIDI Chords & Progressions
  • Interesting textures/FX
  • Soft, spacious pads
  • 50+ Live Brass Samples
  • 10 Soundscapes Total
  • Instant Inspiration