The R&B Chord Progressions MIDI Library Vol. 3

The R&B Chord Progressions MIDI Library Vol. 3 is the third installation of the highly praised R&B Chord Progression Library Series.

This volume contains truly inspiring chord progressions and song ideas for the R&B/Hip-Hop/Soul Producer. Volume 3 focuses on those lush, "soul touching" chords and progressions perfect for any modern R&B, Soul or Hip-Hop Production. You'll find edgy, fresh Quality song ideas in this volume.

Looking to expand your sound? The Chord Progression MIDI Library Vol 3. has the advanced musical foundations to take your productions to the next level!

Key Benefits:
  • Improve your productions with proven R&B chords, chord progressions and chord voicings.
  • Get instant inspiration for new songs/beats/productions.
  • Free yourself creatively to produce and re-produce amazing music
  • Learn to play amazingly beautiful R&B, Soul and crossover chords and chord   progressions.
  • 16 Folders and 50 MIDI Files- Experiment with ANY instrument, sound or plugin.
  • B sections and variations included 
  • 100% Royalty Free! Mix and match chords to create new songs.