Vintage Synth Legends VSTi Windows 32-bit

The Vintage Synth Legends!!!  

These sounds can really add a lot of character and flavor to your tracks.  

Here a these synths in a track example here:

The time has been taken to meticulously sample some of the most iconic and legendary synths in Urban and Pop Music history.  These keyboards can be heard in countless hit records STILL even to this day and going back decades before our time. We're talking about the famous Keyboards like    

The Moog / Mini Moog 
Roland JP4 
Elektron Analog 4 
FENDER CHROMA POLARIS and many others...   

If you ever wondered how producers like Kanye West and Dj Mustard get so much character and uniqueness in the sound of their synths, A large part of that character can come from Vintage Synths. There is something about the sound and character of Analog that you just cant get from your avarage digitally genearted synth sounds. That warm, unique character and bite of analog is still, to this day a preffered sound and it can instantly set your music apart from the rest.  
So The Vintage Synth Legends bring you a little over a hundred vintage presets (5.59 GB compressed) carfully sampled from various vintage synths. 

You've got leads, FX sounds and trasitions, Strings, Pads, keys, and more...   

The VST will be updated with tons of vintage sounds in the future, Plus ALL updates will be 100% FREE to you.   

Check out the complete Video Demo Here:

Features and Details:
  • Over 100 meticulously sampled Vintage Keyboard Sounds (5+ GB)
  • Mono, Poly and Legato Play modes
  • Reverb
  • Pitch Bend
  • Glide
  • LFO rate, depth, destination, waveform and source
  • Free updates
Your download file is a plain .txt file with a secured link to your download and a unique password. 

How to install:
Simply extract the .zip file to your Common VST Plugins Folder. Rescan your plugins within your DAW and Restart your DAW.