Bokeh Overlays Package

Probably, you have already made sure that bokeh textures are very convenient for design creation. They can decorate any large-scale work and small images or simply give them an attractive look. The textures in this collection can not only decorate. but also provide lightness, brilliance, and freshness for any of your images. Here you will find 15 bokeh textures. 

  • 15 photo overlays high resolution (5100x3450px - 300dpi - JPEG)
  • Compatible with any software that allows you to work with layers ( Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Paint Shop Pro, PicMonkey, Gimp and etc.)
  • It will not work with the lightroom alone.
To apply these overlays for your photos follow the below steps

  1. Open one of the bokeh overlays.
  2. Grab and drag to your main photo.
  3. Change the normal blend to screen.
  4. Play with it. 
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