lemanruss97 Latter Half of 2017 (gts, hyper bust, be, grwth, pe)
DarkAmphy Dragonite Beach Set Pt2 2017 (CInf, Pop)
VDO Comms 2017 (Macro, BE, Hypr, Mscl, Paw)
lemanruss97 Lost Commission Gap 2017 (gts, hyper bust, be, grwth)
lemanruss97 Commission Archive 2017 (gts, be, hyper brst, growth)
Br Folio May 17 (BE, Hyp)
BlacklistRival Comm Set 2017 (hyper, macro, grw)
DarkAmphy Dragonite Beach Set Pt1 2017 (CInf, Pop)
PonyBE (BE, Hyper)
2014 Loose Assortment (BE, INF, Hyp, Macro, Others)
BG (Mscl, Hypr)
FTrashFolio (H, Hyper, Grw, Inf)
Basque Comm (Inf, Pop, Hyper)
Drash Set 2012-2016 (Inf, Cinf, Grw, Mscl, Hyp)
Busted! Issue 2
VDO Comm2014-2016 (Macro, Hyper, Growth, Paw)
PPC (MLP Preg, Inf)
Psychosomatic Pregnancy (Inf, Prg)
Pokefolio May 2016 (Prg, Inf)
Queen B (Prg, Inf)
BlacklistRival 2016 Set (Macro, Grwth, BE, Hyper)
DarkAmphy Sylveon Set 2014-2016 (CInf, Pop)
DarkAmphy Dragonite Set 2014-2016 (CInf, Pop)
Sadowstorm 2013-2015 (Brst, pop)
Reaver Set Pt 2 (Inf, Pop)
Reaver Set Pt 1 (Inf, Pop)
lemanruss97 Commission Archive Jupemew (gts, be, hyper brst, growth)
lemanruss97 Commission Archive Aliens (gts, be, hyper brst, growth)
Armerus Set (Fat, WG, BuEx)
Jupie 2016 Folio
Against Type (Inf Folio, 7 Color Images)
BB Portfolio Feb 2015
BE Folio Jan 2015
Dec 2014 Giantess Mini-Folio
Busted (Comic, BE)
Jupie Calendar
Comic - Jupies Love Chocolate




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