Sweet Adeline

- 1 full harmony trackĀ 
- 4 individual solo tracks
- 4 part-left tracks
- PDF sheet music (in Bb, audio tracks are in Ab)

Note: this is the free "Heritage of Harmony" arrangement of the SPEBSQSA. The arrangement is in Bb, but I sang it a step lower in Ab, keeping only the Lead on the pick-ups where the Bass was really low (just two spots, measures 0, 4 and 12).

"You're the Flower of My Heart, Sweet Adeline" is one of the best known, loved, and most often sung barbershop ballads. It was first published in 1903. It became a hit when it was performed in 1904 by the group The Haydn Quartet. John F. Fitzgerald, who served as mayor of Boston, represented Massachusetts in Congress and was the maternal grandfather of President John F. Kennedy, made "Sweet Adeline" his theme song in 1909. Over the next four decades, he personally sang it at countless political and social events and on the radio.