Wrong Time, Wrong Space 🎵 Logic Pro X Template Download 🎵 Music Project from Award Winning Animation

Download the full Logic Pro X template project for the award winning sci-fi animation 'Wrong Time, Wrong Space' (directed by Mark Stirton).


Cinematic, epic and dramatic orchestral sci-fi music composed and produced in Logic Pro X by film and TV composer Jon Brooks.



Best Original Music (Finalist) - Beyond the Curve International Film Festival 2020.

Best Animation (Winner) - Beyond the Curve International Film Festival 2020.

Best Sci-Fi Film (Winner) - Beyond the Curve International Film Festival 2020.

Official Selection - North Europe International Film Festival, London 2021.

Official Selection - 4th Dimension Independent Film Festival 2021.


Influenced by composers such as John Williams, Danny Elfman, Jerry Goldsmith, Two Steps From Hell, James Newton Howard and Hans Zimmer.

Track Duration:
Key:  Various
Tempo:  Various

LPX Template Download
Download Size: 2.73 GB
Uncompressed Size: 10.78 GB

Note: You may have to replace some of the instruments or plugins for similar ones unless you have them all yourself; otherwise playback might be a little different. Sampler instruments, settings, full mix bounce, automation, mixed elements, mastering chain and audio stems are included; but not the sample library audio content (due to sample library copyright terms).

Audio Channels:  2
MIDI Channels:  69
Aux/Bus Channels:  1
Stereo Main Output:  1

Logic Pro X (Stock Plugins)

Vienna Instruments Special Edition Vol. 1 & Vol. 1 PLUS
Vienna Instruments Special Edition Vol. 2 & Vol. 2 PLUS
VSL Epic Horns

Vienna Imperial (PIano)

East West Hollywood Orchestra
Project SAM True Strike 1
Distorted Reality 2
Project Sam Symphobia 1
Project Sam Symphobia 2
London Orchestral Percussion
Advanced Orchestra (Violins)

Action Strings (Kontakt)

Rise and Hit (Kontakt)

Action Strikes (Kontakt)

Evolve (Kontakt)

Action Toms (Stylus)

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