Radiance - Logic Pro X Project Template Download (Piano and Strings)

Instant Download - a very simple Logic Pro X Project Template using Logic Pro stock plugins. 'Radiance' Piano accompanied by lush sustained strings. Beautiful, peaceful and calming instrumental music. Depicting beauty, harmony and tranquility; expressing nature, peace and calm serenity. Music composed and produced in Logic Pro X by Jon Brooks.

Music Duration:  0:15
Key:  E major
BPM Tempo: 94 bpm

LPX Template
Download size: 10.6 MB
Uncompressed size: 8.6 MB

Note: It is likely that you will have to replace some of the instruments for similar ones unless you have them all yourself; otherwise playback might be a little different. Sampler instruments, settings, full automation, mixed elements, mastering chain and audio files for the complete song are included; but not the sample library content (due to sample library copyright terms).

- Audio Channels:  1
- MIDI Channels:  5
- Stereo Main Output:  1

- Logic Pro X (Channel EQ)
- Logic Pro X (EXS24)
- Logic Pro X (Space Designer)
- Logic Pro X (SilverVerb)
- Logic Pro X (Compressor)
- Logic Pro X (Limiter)
- VSL Strings Pro

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Website: http://www.jonbrooks.co.uk
Twitter: https://twitter.com/JonBrooks_Music