Phoenix Rising 🎵 Logic Pro X Template Download 🎵 Epic, Cinematic and Dramatic Orchestral Music

Download the full Logic Pro X template project for 'Phoenix Rising'. Music composed and produced in Logic Pro X by film and TV composer Jon Brooks.

Cinematic, epic and dramatic orchestral music building to a powerful climax. Heroic, triumphant and majestic. Orchestra, chorus, brass, strings, woodwind and percussion. Ideal for games, sci-fi, action, advertising, adventure, gaming, film trailers and fantasy. A cross between Hans Zimmer, Audio Machine, Mark Petrie and Two Steps From Hell.

Track Duration:
Key:  E Minor
Tempo:  140 BPM

LPX Template Download
Download Size: 17.2 MB
Uncompressed Size: 26.4 MB

Note: You may have to replace some of the instruments or plugins for similar ones unless you have them all yourself; otherwise playback might be a little different. Sampler instruments, settings, full mix bounce, automation, mixed elements, mastering chain and audio files are included; but not the sample library audio content (due to sample library copyright terms).

Audio Channels:  3
MIDI Channels:  27
Aux/Bus Channels:  1
Stereo Main Output:  1

Logic Pro X (Stock Plugins)
Vienna Instruments Special Edition Vol. 1 & Vol. 1 PLUS
Vienna Instruments Special Edition Vol. 2 & Vol. 2 PLUS
VSL Epic Horns
Project SAM True Strike 1
Distorted Reality 2
G-Town (Free EXS24 Sample Library)
Project Sam Symphobia 1
Project Sam Symphobia 2
Project SAM Trombones
London Orchestral Percussion
Advanced Orchestra (Violins)

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