SEVENTH HEAVEN - Logic Pro X Project Download Template (Jon Brooks Composer)

Logic Pro X Project LPP Files Download Template for Jon Brooks' music score 'Seventh Heaven'. Download Size: 10.03 MB
(Uncompressed Size: 15.4 MB)

Music composed and programmed in Logic Pro X. Calming and relaxing music session. This music was written during a difficult time and has since also helped thousands of other people with anxiety, sleep problems and panic attacks. 'Seventh Heaven' is ideal for meditation, yoga, mindfulness, reiki healing, massage, reflexology and many other relaxation techniques. It's effective at inducing sleep and can be utilised as a way to assist the brain get into a meditative state. The slow paced tempo and musical structure encourages heart rate and breathing to slow down. This new age music is even more beneficial if you can listen with headphones on.

Please note: It's likely that you'll have to replace some of the instruments/plugins for similar ones unless you have all of them yourself; so playback might be slightly different initially.

1. Cymbal
1. The Lost Wave (Omnisphere)
2. DreamGlock Piano (Omnisphere)
3. Piano 1 (Vienna Imperial)
4. Piano 2 (Vienna Imperial)
5. Synth 1 Ambibella (Kontakt)
6. Synth 2 Ambibella (Kontakt)
7. Choir Ooo EW Symphonic Choirs (Play)
8. Winded Sweeps (Omnisphere)
9. Adagio Transparent Strings Warm (Omnisphere)
1. Channel EQ (Logic Pro X)
2. Gain (Logic Pro X)
3. Multiband Compressor (VSL)
4. Adaptive Limiter (Logic Pro X)
5. Multi Meter (Logic Pro X)

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This music is subject to copyright and is provided for tutorial and demonstration purposes only. © 2012 Jon Brooks.