BREATHING - Logic Pro Download Template LPX (Jon Brooks Composer)

Logic Pro Template LPX Files (compatible with Logic Pro 9 and Logic Pro X) template for Synth Pop Song "Breathing". Download Size: 187.7 MB. (Uncompressed size: 236.3 MB).

Synth pop song ballad music session template exhibiting a fusion of styles; blending piano, male vocals, classical orchestral elements with a modern day electronic sound... as an addition to this, it also boasts a hint of the 80's too! Influences include The Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode, David Guetta, Scott Walker and Robert Miles, Owl City and Adam Young.

Music composed, orchestrated and programmed in Logic Pro. Please note: It's likely that you'll have to replace some of the instruments/plugins for similar ones unless you have all of them yourself; so playback might be slightly different. The audio files, EXS24 samples and sampler instruments etc. are included.

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