ZOOM - Audience & Customer Engagement With Zoom & Beyond

This bumper package of training materials will take even the complete novice to Advanced "Zoom" (and related platforms) standard with ease.

There are 20 Basic Level Instructional Videos & Audios

Along with another 20 Advanced Level Videos & Audios

Together with these you get Five PDF Booklets and Manuals which in combination with the videos and audios will show you exactly how to use Zoom in numerous different ways.

You will also learn how to use Skype for Business, Facebook Live Videos and how to combine with Zoom such services and platforms as Zapier, Stripe, EventBrite, Paypal and many others.

For the Hypnotist and/or Therapist who wishes to be able to Confidently, Competently and Professionally run Online 1 to 1 and also group Mind Therapy Sessions this training package is essential.

You will also learn how to run Webinars and online training events using these various platforms.

These training materials will fast track your understanding and mastery of these platforms and enable you to hit the ground running with ease.

The contents are worth a fortune to you and represent a true bargain at just $47 for the entire package.