GHOST KISS - Psychokinetic Touches & Psychic PK Touches Outdone


Psychokinetic Touches & Psychic PK Touches Outdone


You already know the basic premise of the effect, namely that somebody feels themselves physically tapped on the shoulder or touched on some other area of their body whilst you are stood a major distance from them, and as the audience confirms, you have never touched the volunteer of the experiment at any time.

No doubt you are also already aware that from Steve Banachek Shaw's Psychokinetic Touches to Lior Manor's Invisible Touches through to Peter Turners Midas Touch on the one hand all the way through to D'Angelos Touch & Morgan Streblers Touched on the other, in all cases you ultimately do have to touch the volunteer either yourself or using a gimmick under the cover of misdirection.

With “Ghost Kiss” things are different, very different indeed as you never have to physically touch the person under the cover of misdirection or indeed at any other time ever during the performance.

It is also entirely true and accurate to state that with “Ghost Kiss” absolutely no invisible threads, elastic or electronic devices of any kind are used at any time.

Indeed you can perform this surrounded under the closest scrutiny in “test conditions” and no matter how observant somebody is or how closely they watch there is absolutely nothing to be seen as you genuinely NEVER PHYSICALLY TOUCH THEM AT ANY TIME.

Yet despite what I have just stated and the reality that no pre-show work is required, no stooges, no Hypnosis, no electronic devices, no threads of any kind etc..

Despite all that they will Genuinely Feel themselves being either touched or if you so desire “Kissed” by an unknown invisible spirit energy type force.

For the record they do genuinely feel something and it is not just all in their mind and yet you never physically touch them at any time.

This uses a non electronic, non thread based, self contained gimmick which you are taught to easily construct for less than five dollars ($5) and how to use within this package containing a PDF Ebook and also access to two training videos with a combined duration of almost 30 minutes long.

For completeness other methods and the history of this effect are discussed, including the method Ali Bongo taught to Jonathan Royle which is ideal for one to one personal performances and to the person experiencing it seems to defy logical explanation.

Just: $20.00