The Easy Buddha by Kyimo

This masterpiece of a publication can be used as a teaching aid or a reference book for Buddhists, or in fact, anyone wishing to refer to the subject.

It makes the subject of Buddhism easy and can take the reader to GCSE level or even as far as MA standard.

It has 481 Large Format (A4) Information packed pages that take a usually difficult to learn and understand subject and make it incredibly easy to study, master and comprehend.

The author, KYIMO, an ordained Buddhist, spent over three years studying and researching this manuscript and has produced the most comprehensive, complete and accurate work.

If you have any interest in Buddhism then this is a must read publication and indeed contains many thoughts, ideas and words of wisdom that any astute Mind Therapy Practitioner will be able to use within their work with clients.

May good fortune yours in peace. With Metta.