Born into a Showbiz Family, Royle made his stage debut as Flap the Clown aged 3 and a bit on Gandey's Circus and to date has rapidly approaching 40 years experience of performing for Children's Party's and Family Friendly Style Events.

His Father Tizzy the Clown has over 60 years experience of entertaining Kids and Family Audiences alike and within the pages of this direct to the point large format (A4) 35 page PDF manual which is accompanied by 17 full colour photographs and access to numerous videos with a combined duration of well over three hours of footage including example live show segments he lifts the lid on his entire Children's & Family Show.

You are given the complete running order of his 60 minute audience tested show and it is also explained how you can make the show shorter and change bits as may be needed from time to time.

Each segment and routine of the show is broken down and explained so that you can understand clearly how things have been structured for maximum Continuity and Moments of Strong Magic combined with Verbal & Visual Gags, Bits of Business and audience participation.

You'll discover how to put together the whole One Hour Show, at the time of writing (Jan 2017) for around £107 Sterling which is approx $134 US Dollars or 124 Euros.

In other-words if you market yourself right you should be able to recoup your entire investment with the very first show that you book.

And yes along the way Royle points you in the right direction for all the advice you'll ever need to truly put yourself on the M.A.P.P. by mastering the arts of Marketing, Advertising, Publicity & Promotion.

The Subjects of Party Games, Balloon Modelling, Face-Painting and other Allied Arts are also touched upon and direct you to tons of invaluable Free further advice and information to set you on the path to success.

This PDF is not intended for the experienced Children's or Family entertainer, although no doubt they will find much of worth within the pages including the wonderful “Where's Issac?” Invisible Pet Fish Running Gag and the “Mother & Child” Comedy Dressing Up Routine.

Rather, it is aimed directly at the person who is wanting to start their own Children's & Family Style Magic Shows and would like to knock years of trial and error off their learning curve.

This is a complete ready to perform show running order and structure which packs small and plays massive.