PAWOLOGY – Palm Reading for Animals Paws & Animal Hypnosis

PAWOLOGY – Palm Reading for Animals Paws
& Animal Hypnosis  JONATHAN ROYLE   16 Large format (A4 Pages) of Pure Gold reveal to you exactly how Jonathan Royle has accurately given Pawology (Paw Readings) for Dogs and Cats for well over 20+ years since the early 1990's.

You'll discover techniques that will enable you to reveal 100% accurate information and facts about the animals Past Life Experiences, accidents it may have had, what it enjoys eating or doing most and all manner of other things which will show the TV viewers, Radio Listeners and/or Live audience exactly how accurate “Pawology” really is.

As a bonus Royle also reveals how to “Hypnotize” all kinds of animals from a House Fly all the way up to Zoo Animals and all in between, these Secrets in the right hand could make you “The Dr. Doo Little” of the Mentalism World, help make you famous in the media and along the way help you earn a lot of money as well.   Using the techniques detailed in this manuscript Royle has been featured on TV and Radio Shows around the World and in newspaper and magazine features galore and you could do the same too.

We are a nation of Animal Lovers, hence offering Psychic Paw Readings is a Guaranteed Crowd Pleaser. $10-00.