By Leo W. Arlocke

Distributed Under License by JONATHAN ROYLE

Evolved beings such as Leo W. Arlocke try their very best from time to time to give the rest of humanity a lift by making up fairy stories and speaking in parables in which are hidden valuable clues to the truly awesome forces of nature for the discerning eye.

This is to their credit for when did you, the reader, help one of these evolving souls on their path to the power and the glory?

This is the story told by one such being, The 13th Disciple, it is quite an eye opening document when compared carefully to the original Gospel aka The Bible.

50 Large A4 Pages of Text that truly will change the way you look at many elements and areas of your life for the better.

You get High Resolution Photographic Scans of the 50 pages of the original draft type written copy (including added handwritten notes) of Leo W. Arlockes explosive document.

Open the Zip File Download and then open each image, enlarge it and read the Secrets that have been hidden in plain site for centuries but which the majority have entirely missed.