Clinical & Medical Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching & NLP Sports & Success Psychology Course.

It's just like obtaining an unlimited supply of laser guided mind, body & spirit healing missiles…

Rebel Psychologist Lets The Cat Out Of The Bag Exposing Techniques Other Trainers Either Don't Know Or Don't Want You To Know

Witness a hugely enthusiastic standing ovation from delegates on this never to be repeated, unrivalled, Clinical NLP Hypnotherapy Sports Success Psychology training event

During this truly eye opening Nine Volume Home Study Video Course you will learn countless powerful treatment strategies, approaches and techniques which have all been tried, tested and proven to consistently work...

They are Just like laser guided mind, body & spirit healing missiles 9 Intensive Videos View online or download

Indeed this Professional Home Study Course is guaranteed to take even the Novice to Advanced Competent & Confident Professional Standard with ease, whilst also promising to teach the established practitioner many new techniques which will arguably make them a far more effective therapist.

Why waste thousands of £££/$$$ on long drawn out inferior courses on Clinical & Medical Hypnotherapy when you can learn all you need for success at a fraction of the cost and in a fraction of the time?

In truth, this Home Study Course will teach you in a simple step by step manner everything you will ever need to know in these subjects,

This Unique Package consists of 9 Training Video's in order to ensure that your learning and expertise as a Professionally Certified Clinical NLP Hypnotherapy Practitioner is GUARANTEED.

And what's more...

Royle personally demonstrates with amazing results, most every treatment technique taught in this package on members of the audience.

Amongst the invaluable methods you will learn:

Numerous ways to Rapidly & Permanently Eliminate any habits or addictions from your clients mind, body & life with ease

The worlds fastest & most effective ways to rapidly eradicate any Fears, Phobias or OCD’s which may have once bothered you or your clients in the past

Several ways to overcome any and all emotional problems and issues, including Royle’s own unique approaches which are not taught anywhere else

The most effective Pain Control & Instant Psychological Anesthesia methods you will ever learn and examples of using them in Dental Work and even in Medical Emergency Situations whilst also being of great use for various Pain Related Health Complaints

Amazing Creative Visualization Techniques which can be used to successfully help anybody come to terms with and perhaps even in some circumstances, overcome even serious Medical Health Issues,

indeed Royle Reveals how such techniques have in the past been shown to be incredibly useful and powerful even in treating people with “so called” life threatening illnesses and diseases

Become A True Master Of Speed Clinical NLP Hypnotherapy

During the course Royle will also demonstrate and teach Several Amazing Speed Hypnosis Inductions including Robert Temple’s High Speed Deep Trance “See-Saw” Induction, The Classic Erikson & Bandler Handshake Pattern Interrupt and various other induction methods.

And You Will Also Learn:

Powerful techniques to overcome practically every single Health Problem or Illness that you will ever be presented with by your clients from A Thru to Z

The approaches used by Royle to have his therapeutic interactions with “Analyse This” & “Analyse That” Hollywood Film Stars Robert De Niro and Billy Crystal featured in America’s largest readership Daily Newspaper U.S.A Today and exactly how you could be easily attracting clients of this magnitude.

How Royle has worked in an often life changing manner and been featured in most all UK National Daily & Sunday Tabloid & Broadsheet Newspapers and numerous high profile international magazines utilizing his “Mind Skills” for such celebrities as,

The Spice Girls, Madonna, Claudia Schiffer, Tom Jones, Cher, Jeremy Beadle, Robbie Williams, and even Princess Diana amongst numerous others and perhaps more importantly how YOU to can achieve this level of Recognition, Credibility & Success

And There's More...

The practical Advertising, Marketing & Promotion techniques that act like Diamond Coated Bullets to Sky Rocket your Corporate Client Data Base and Business Profits as a Mind Therapist.

Master the Rapid & Instant NLP Hypnotic Induction Strategies used by Royle whilst working with such Premiership Football Clubs as Blackburn Rovers and discover the approaches he used when hypnotising many of the players from Wigan Athletic F.C. who subsequently a few weeks later successfully entered the Premiership.

Learn Powerful “Real World” Sports Psychology Techniques from the man who has used his “Mind Skills” on Boxer Frank Bruno, now Ex-Snooker Player turned Comedian Sean Meo, Olympic Medalist Swimmer Sharron Davis and hypnotised many of the players from teams such as Wycombe Wanderers, Oldham Athletic, Rochdale F.C, Oldham Rugby League and numerous others.

And There’s Even More Invaluable Skills You’ll Learn Powerful Public Speaking & Presentation Skills which you can both use yourself to become a more Confident, Memorable and above all Successful Orator.

How to get an audience to hang on your every word and methods which will enable you to draw maximum laughter, attention and applause (including standing ovations) from most every audience you ever present to.

Discover the ways in which Royle has used his “Mind Skills” on Major Television Shows working with and alongside such Star’s as John Barrowman (Doctor Who & Torchwood) – Denise Van Outen (Presenter & West End Musical Star) – Mark Lammar (Comedian) – Terry Christian (Celebrity Big Brother Finalist) – Lowry Turner (Celebrity Fit Club) – Jon Bentley (The Gadget Show) and many, many more.

Royle also reveals every nuance of his own unique one session treatment structure of Complete Mind Therapy (CMT) with which you will instantly be able to successfully treat most any person, with most any problem from A through to Z in much the same manner as Royle has for members of the public, A-List Celebrities and other High Profile names from around the world for many years.

The Secrets & Earning Opportunities Continue Enter the lucrative world of Dating & Seduction Coaching once you have learnt the jealously guarded secrets of the Worlds Leading Pick Up Artistes, techniques which have been responsible for Royle being “romantically” linked in UK National Media to such Female’s as Kenny Everett’s Ex Comedy Sidekick & Celebrity Big Brother Star Cleo Rocus.

Gain insights into planning, preparing, promoting and presenting your own training events and seminars for big profits.

Become A Truly Successful Master Mind Therapist Learn the True Secrets of Rapid Hypnotic Seduction & the use of Hypnotic Techniques both to increase Sexual Pleasure, to eliminate Sexual Problems and also to increase Breast Size without the need for Surgical Intervention, all of which Royle has been featured for extensively on Worldwide Television Shows, Radio Broadcasts and in high profile print media.

Easily integrate into your therapy work with positive effects the powerful Body Language Secrets which Royle (who is trained and certified in by arguably the UK’s Leading Body Language Expert Robert Phipps of Trisha Show Fame) will share with you.

How to Profit from Hypnotic Selling Skills, Subliminal Marketing Techniques and Powerful Promotional Strategies both in the areas of dramatically increasing your own £££/$$$ Profits and also in order to enable you to become a successful Sales Trainer and Motivator who gets results and can teach these skills to anyone and everyone who has a Company, Product and/or Service that they need to promote efficiently.

Royle confesses the truth about his experiences working on training seminar & product development projects and/or in the media with and/or alongside such industry star’s as Paul McKenna (On GMTV) –Peter Powers (Street Hypnosis Star) – Andrew Newton (The Man Who Taught Paul McKenna) – The Speakman’s (Stars of UK TV Style’s - A Life Coach Less Ordinary) – Tom Silver (America’s Favourite Television Hypnotist) and James Laver’s (Marketing Coach to the Stars) amongst numerous others…

You’ll also discover techniques exclusively taught personally to Royle by the late Delavar author of “The Hypnotists Bible” – these are truly amazing secrets which Delavar, his parents and even his Grandparents used successfully for well over a century and are not taught anywhere else.

That’s Just A Fraction of What You Will Learn From This Unique Home Study Training Package And To Make Your Education Complete You Will Also Learn...

The True Inside Secrets of Stage Hypnotists and how to use their Instant and Rapid Induction Skills in your Clinical Hypnotherapy work for increased success

Invaluable Cold Reading Skills as used by Fake Psychics enabling you to climb inside the minds of your clients with greater ease and accuracy Marketing, Advertising & Promotional Secrets which could blow your competitors out of the water and have you earning big £££/$$$

This is a truly eye opening set and unlike anything else that Royle has ever released onto the market.

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