LIFE CHANGES - (Ultimate Self-Help & Personal Development Package)

LIFE CHANGES - (Ultimate Self-Help & Personal Development Package)

This Unique Package Could quite literally help you to change your life for the better on so many levels and in so many ways!

The contents of this bumper potentially Life Changing Package will cost you only a tiny fraction of the cost of booking a single session with a decent Professional Hypnotherapist, but you will have unlimited Lifetime Access to all of the Powerful Contents to use them for yourself and for your Friends, Family and Loved Ones whenever they are needed.

You will recieve a total of 49 Professionally Produced Hypnotherapy Treatment Recordings which Specifically cover all of the most common things people wish to change in life, from Smoking Cessation & Weight Loss to Confidence Building & Stress Control through to Eliminating Phobias and almost anything you can think of from A to Z.

There are Specific Tailor Made Audio Treatment Sessions to help make you Happier as a Person, Help you to attract the Perfect Partner, enable you to be more positive in life, Overcome Procrastination, develop excellent Study Habits, enjoy a perfect nights deep and restful sleep and many more...

Targeted Treatments to help "Mind Over Body" White Cells Healing and those to help you overcome and/or manage more Positively, various other Health Problems and Illnesses with the power of your own personal necktop computer (mind/brain) are also included.

Sessions to let go of Past Negative Emotions and Memories, to overcome Bed Wetting, manage Asthma, help with Anti-Aging, Overcome Sorrow and Grief, unleash your inner Creativity, Conquer Chronic Fatigue, Eliminate Jealously, develop a Perfect and Positive Body Image and many more are also included...  

But don't worry if you have an Issue, Problem, Habit, Addiction, Fear or Phobia that is not covered by one of the 49 MP3 Audio Tracks, because you will find that Royles "Complete Mind Therapy" Audio is structured to work with Powerful and Amazing Results for quite literally anything and everything in your life.

Further Royle's Book "The Perfect You" is included along with 20 Motivational MP3s, 8 Health & Wellness Affirmation MP3s and a whole bunch of other invaluable resources that can help you live a better life.

For those who may wish to become a Professional Hypnotherapist and/or Life Coach we have also included a 550+ Page Training Manual, 3 Training Videos, various Instructional Audios and also a complete PowerPoint Presentation to help you to help others to change their lives for the better.

Obviously you can also use these resources yourself to help plan your Goals, Dreams and Ambitions in life and then to help ensure that they become your new positive reality.

In short it is true to state that whatever your Habit, Addiciton, Fear, Phobia, Emotional Issue, Health or Illness Complaint (including Pain Control) or indeed whatever your issue/problem may be from A through to Z there are numerous resources within this package that can when used regularly help you change your life for the better.

Purchased individually the contents of this explosive Data DVD-ROM which will be sent to you Physically through the Postal System by First Class or Airmail Postage could cost you as much as £497 Sterling (approx $714 US Dollars).

Order Today and you Get The Total Life Transformation Package for just $77 US Dollars inc P&P (approx £50 UK Sterling inc P&P)