Group Hypnotherapy Sessions Exposed

Online Hypnotherapy For Group Sessions & Masterclass Group Hypnosis Sessions For Smoking & Weight Loss Can Earn Big Money In Less Than 3 Hours Flat

Whether you are an existing Therapist wishing to increase your income or simply someone wishing to enter this lucrative high earning world of Group Sessions, this 4 video training set is for you

Here we have what is possibly the most important package of informational video training for anyone with a basic understanding of Hypnosis to quickly and easily learn how conduct Group Therapy Sessions.

This 4 video set plus training manuals set is a goldmine of information and demonstrates exactly how to handle a group of 20, 30, 50, 100 or more people in a Stop Smoking or Weight Loss Session.

They teach you how to make maximum income from minimum investment of time, effort or money cashing in on the lucrative areas of Mass Group Sessions.

Although the instructional material is focused on Stopping Smoking & Losing Weight, the principals can be easily adapted to suit many other applications such as Confidence Building, Stress Reduction, Motivation, Phobia Cures, Fear of Flying, Spiders, Snakes... etc etc

How many people can afford to part with £250 or $400 for a Stop Smoking or Weight Loss one to one session?

Now consider how many would be willing to part with the equivalent of 4 or 5 packs of cigarettes With this course you also get the FULL MASTERCLASS and can train at home at your own speed

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With a minimal fee of £25/$40 per person and a group of 30 people, the sums soon add up to earning £750/$1200 for a one hour session.

Three or four of these per month could say goodbye to the day job!

And you can go mobile "On the Road" with this.

This is the dynamite information Hypnotists and Therapists have been searching for years for and now, Dr Jonathan Royle PhD and Experienced International Hypnotist Chris Lee shows you exactly how it’s done.


Become a fly on the wall as you watch a video of an actual Hypnotic Weight Loss Seminar attended by over 44 people who paid £37 each, yes that’s a total of £1628 for an hour's easy enjoyable work.

Then become a fly on the wall as you watch the second video of an actual real world Smoking Cessation Seminar attended by over 33 people who paid £37 each, yes that's over £1221 for another easy hour's work

And then discover the True Real World, tried, tested and proven to work secrets of making maximum money for minimum time and effort running Group Complete Mind Therapy Sessions as you witness a one hour Masterclass run by Dr. Jonathan Royle for a select handful of eight specially invited Therapists who paid £97 each for this hour of invaluable marketing and money making advice from Royle alone - yes that's another £776 in the same night for another easy hour's work

What if you had the power to use this training right now?

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No stone is left unturned and everything is clearly explained to ensure your financially rewarding success.

On the night these video's were recorded Royle made £3625 for the event with further referrals leading to numerous attendees signing up for one to one treatment at a charge of £250 per hour.

A massively profitable night and when you do the same things in the same way as Royle exclusively reveals on this limited edition training package you will easily be able to make MASSIVE PROFITS running Group Weight Loss, Smoking Cessation, Phobia Removal and Self-Confidence treatment seminars.

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Make a difference TODAY in your life and the lives of your clients and even friends and family With the upgraded training pack you'll also receive two invaluable Copyright Free Audio Recordings Treatment Tracks which have been professionally recorded in a studio and come to you as part of this package with permission to copy them and supply them to your clients.

The first is the back up treatment for Weight Loss and the second is the proven to work back up treatment for Smoking Cessation.

You'll be able to sell these via your Internet Sites as well as ensuring you have an unrivalled treatment success rate for group sessions by giving these to all attendees as a "FREE GIFT" with a perceived value of £19.95 each.

Then the deal gets even sweeter Also included in the training pack are examples of all the advertising materials used to get people to attend the actual group treatment events featured on the video's PLUS Master Copies of the A4 Advice Handout Sheet which is also given to all attendees of these Group Sessions events in order to ensure that they lose weight and/or remain a non smoker. And best of all The entire Complete Mind Therapy Treatment Script is included so, in conjunction with watching the video's you will be able to learn what many experts consider to be the most powerful treatment approach ever devised for successful use with most every problem and what's more, you'll become an expert in using this approach both on a one to one basis and for group sessions.

You'll learn secrets of obtaining Free Media Publicity for your business which will save you massive amounts on your marketing costs, increase your profile and ultimately help you make more money from your business. All you have to do is take action FAST.

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