REAL RESULT'S HYPNOSIS - The A to Z of Hypnosis & NLP

Four Amazing, Unrivaled Home Study Video Training Sets Supplied in One Bumper Mega Value for Money package!

This package contains the complete video recordings of Royle's 2 Day "Real Results" Seminar in Bristol, his 3 day "Ultimate Change Seminar" London Training and also two different one day events that took place in Rochdale.

Indeed you will be paying LESS THAN $1.11 Cents for each Explosive and Eye opening Hour of Step by Step easy to understand and implement video training.

(That is Approx 68p per hour Sterling or equivalent to roughly 86 Cents in Euros)


IMPORTANT = The Video at that link shows Testimonials from the Actual People who attended the Bristol and London Events which make up two of the video training sets that you will receive as part of this unique package!

Your Package includes:

REAL RESULTS HYPNOSIS = Filmed in Bristol. This contains Eleven Videos with a total combined running time of 11 Hours and 44 Minutes.

ULTIMATE CHANGE SEMINAR - Filmed in London. This contains Nineteen Videos with a combined running time of 20 Hours and 38 Minutes.

SECRETS OF HYPNOTHERAPY = Filmed in Rochdale. This contains 5 videos with a total combined duration of Five Hours and 20 minutes.

NLP & HYPNOTHERAPY EXPOSED = Filmed in Rochdale. This contains 6 videos with a total duration of Five Hours and 41 Minutes.


Seriously where else can you get a combined total of 43 Hours and 23 Minutes of Truly Eye Opening NLP, Hypnotherapy and Rapid/Instant Inductions Training for LESS THAN just $1.11, 86 Cents in Euro or 68p Sterling per hour?



Brief History of Hypnosis (Stage & Therapy Etc) About this Course – It’s Content & Intentions THE HUMAN MIND & HOW IT WORKS? Belief & Expectancy - Disorientation & Confusion - Suggestion & Repetition Relaxation & Sleep - The Speed Problem – Quick in = Quicker Out? - The Three Simple Steps To Hypnotic Trance Peer Group Pressure - The I.I.C Syndrome - The Karaoke Syndrome - The Sheep Effect - Group Psychology Examples Religious – Sales – Sporting – Pack Animals Examples The Exhibitionist & Attention Seekers - People Like to have Someone or Something to Blame - People Need Permission To Change Samaritans – A Problem Shared is a problem halved - PRESTIGE – Now Cool To Have A Therapist - People Hypnotise Themselves The Placebo Effect - Prestige – Perception – Value & Belief - Confidence begets Confidence & Enthusiasm is Catching Positive Intent = Positive Actions = Positive Results - KARMA – Energy – Spiritual Healing & Intent Positive Visualization & Mental Rehearsal for the Hypnotist - All Products of our Environment – It Affects & Infects Us! Safe Environment & Professionalism = Change - Change Work = Change Something for a result. - THE CLIENT HAS ALL THE ANSWER’S Suggestion Correctly Expressed is Hypnosis - Music & Voice Tones Can Make The Difference Rapport – Observation – Recognition & Leadership = POWER - Mirroring & Matching - Pacing & Leading - Fractionation & Deepening of Trance (Pavlovs Dog) Principles of Verbal Psychology - Principles of Physical Psychology - Importance of Ritual – Voodoo Etc Verbal Commands & Suggestions - Non Verbal Commands & Suggestions. - Ego Strengthening & Encouragement - Pre-Suppositions Positive Re-Framing - Future Pacing - Disassociation - Anchoring & Collapsing Anchors - VAKOG – Senses - Calibration to ensure Change & Cure All Life is About Pain & Pleasure - Paint A Picture With Your Words - Coues Law Of Reversed Effort - Reverse Psychology & Pattern Interrupts Dual & Multiple Realities in Therapy & Stage - Positive Pre-Show or Session Conditioning - Post Show or Post Session Conditioning - Seven Steps to Hypnotherapy Success & Office Etc - Seven Steps to Stage Hypnosis Success & Stage Set Etc - Seven Steps to Stage Healing – Past Life Regression Success - Seven Steps to Sales Training & Corporate Training Events SUGGESTITBILTY TEST’S *Yawning Test – Itching Test – Lemon Test – Perfume Test *Stand in Street Look At Sky Candid Camera Test *The Conventional Locked Hands Test *Guaranteed Locked Hands Test *Several Locked Hands Variations & Mid Finger Ruse *The Arm Drop Test *Fingers Closing Test *The Light & Heavy Hands Test *Eyes Glued Together Test *Eyes Follow Thumb Rotation Test *Various Verbal Suggestibility Tests – Silk = Milk Tops = Stop – Most = Toast *Ring On Chin Verbal/Visual Test *Sit up & down in time to My finger move confusion! TURNING SUGGESTIBILITY TESTS INTO INDUCTIONS The Light & Heavy Hands Induction Method INDUCTION METHOD’S *The Falling Backwards Induction *The Falling Forwards Induction *Craig Williams Microphone Induction *The Powers Rubber Legs Induction *World Record High Speed Induction *Standing Handshake Induction *The Handstare Induction *Can’t Be Bothered With You Induction *Swaying Handclap Induction *Guaranteed Locked Hands Over Face Technique *Eyes Glued Together Rapid Method *Seated Handshake Induction *Handwave Instant Technique *Finger Stare Induction *The Arm Spin Method *Bodyflop Induction *Jacobsens PRI Induction *Facing Forwards Jacobsens Method *Sidney Flowers & Delavars Blink Technique *The Tom Bolton & Andrew Newton 60 Second Induction OLDER STYLE INDUCTION’S Levitating Hand From Lap to Face Induction (Real Suggestion) Magnetised Palms Induction & Into Lap










Pre-Session NLP Convincer Techniques! *Mirror Stare – Silly Voices Method *Change Colour – Texture – Direction – Shape Etc *Write It Down And Burn it Distance Method *Complete Mind Tapping *Dials & Controls In mind Re Pain Etc *PLUS METHOD’S to quite literally CURE any problem you could ever think of or will ever encounter from A thru to Z. COMPLETE MIND THERAPY STRUCTURE *The Introductory Talk & Gaining Rapport with Clients *The Fingers Closing Together Pre-Induction Test *The Eyes Follow Thumb Rotation Convincer *Here Goes Pre-Session Royle Style “CMT” NLP Methods *The Guaranteed Locked Hands Experiment *The Guaranteed Locked Hands Over Face Rapid Induction *The Rapid Muscular Relaxation Trance Deepener *The Staircase of Relaxation Deepening *The Warm Comfy Bed Technique *The School Blackboard Method *The use of Direct Positive & Negative Suggestions *The Use of Aversion Therapy *The Use of Pain & Pleasure Therapy *The TV Set get rid of the past Visualisation *The Magic Mirror – Create Your New Future Technique *Use of the Magic Ruler Visualisation to Increase Willpower *Magic Ruler to Increase Self-Confidence *Magic Ruler to Increase Self-Esteem *Ad-Lib Therapy 100% Relevant to Their Issue *Here is where Pain & Pleasure Re-Wiring Goes! *Anchor Great Feelings To Ring of Confidence *Using the Major Post Hypnotic Suggestion *The Post Session Home Use Self-Help Tape *Other Invaluable Hints, Ploys & Techniques for Success *Combining it all to make a Complete Mind Therapy Session


*Royle's Outrageous Approach to so called "NLP" will be revealed and no doubt like his much of the way he presents his other unique material have you crying with laughter! *Royles Highly Profitable tried, tested and proven to work approach for Conducting Group Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss, Stress Management and Phobia Removal Treatment Seminars. *Royle's Unrivalled Step by Step Simple approach, leaving no stone unturned enabling you to become a confident and competent Comedy Stage Hypnotist *Royle Reveals how to successfully conduct personal one to one Past Life Regression & Future Life progression Sessions and also teaches you his tried, tested and proven to work approach for conducting Group Past Life Regression Demonstrations and Shows in large venues and theatres which he has done many times in England. *During the Three Days Royle will also reveal his "real world" proven approaches to Pain Control & Management, Painless Childbirth, Rapid Phobia & Fear Removal Techniques and much more! *How Magic Tricks and Metaphor etc can be used to help treat Children and Adults alike with Hypnosis & NLP. *He'll reveal how he has consistently obtained massive TV, Radio, Newspaper and Magazine Publicity and Exposure as a Master of Mind Control, Mind Power & Hypnotism Since 1993 and how you can easily obtain massive FREE publicity to get more therapy clients, sell more shows or put more bums on seats for group treatment sessions. *You learn how to "Think Outside The Box" and discover Royle's Low or No Cost Advertising, Marketing & Promotion techniques which will dramatically increase your client base and supercharge your profits with ease! *Discover the truth about TREATING CELEBRITY CLIENT'S FOR BIG £££ - how to get Celebrities as clients, the correct way to handle them and the things you truly need to know in order for your NLP, Hypnosis or Complete Mind Therapy Treatment to be 100% Successful whatever their Drug, Alcohol or Sexual Addiction or Problem May Be!


A brief example of the Hypnotherapy, NLP & CMT Contents: • What hypnosis is about and how it works. * How the human mind works. * Rapport, observation, recognition, and leadership skills. * Principles of verbal, physical and reverse psychology. * Hypnotherapy, Advanced Hypnotherapy, Hypno-Analysis and Creative Visualisation. * Inductions for the consulting room * Standard phrases for hypnotic inductions and how to deepen the hypnotic trance. * How to identify the trance states and awaken clients. * How to deal with abreaction’s and hard to awaken subjects. * Hypnotherapy scripts for stopping smoking, weight loss, skin problems, and confidence building. * Psychotherapy and how to tackle advanced problems such as acute depression and sexual problems. * The use of hypnosis for past life regression. * Shortcuts to alternative medicine. * How to increase your hypnotherapy business and income. * How to earn money from stress management and motivational training. * The Fast Phobia Cure Treatment Known as Neuro Associative Conditioning (NAC) * The Complete Mind Therapy (CMT) session structure. Many people have gone on to become successful hypnotherapists after taking this course. Take this opportunity and you too can enter this wonderful and rewarding occupation. "Thanks for the training, which was excellent value for money and has provided me with a career for life which I enjoy immensely!" Bill Graham A brief breakdown of the Stage Hypnotism Methods taught: What hypnosis is about and how it works. * How the human mind works. * Rapport, observation, recognition, and leadership skills. * Principles of verbal, physical and reverse psychology. * Seven different suggestibility tests to use before hypnosis. * Over thirty different induction methods and techniques to hypnotize people. * How to create your own hypnotic inductions. * Standard phrases which hypnotists use. * Standard phrases for hypnotic inductions. * How to identify the trance states. * How to awaken people from a trance. * How to deal with abreaction’s and hard to awaken subjects. * A complete script and step by step instructions on making a successful stage hypnosis show. * Lots of hypnotic gags for routines and numerous comedy sketch ideas. * Invaluable information about the laws, regulations and red tape of the hypnotic industry. * How to make money from stage hypnosis. * And lots lots more!!!! Nothing will be held back. This course will contain everything, which is of value to a potential Stage Hypnotist and/or Hypnotherapist who wishes to enter a profession, which has mystified people for decades. The course will explain in clear step by step detail all of the secrets, ploys and techniques that are used to become a safe and competent stage hypnotist or mind therapist. These skills will enable you to enter this lucrative profession which can open new doors in your attitude and lifestyle that you never dreamed possible. This course will initiate you into a profession, which will fascinate and astound people including yourself. EVEN MORE DETAILS OF COURSE CONTENTS In short, this course will take the novice to the advanced professional standard with ease. Even established and experienced hypnotists will learn much from Royle’s hypnotic masterpiece.

Part 1: Introduction, The Seven Steps to Therapeutic Hypnosis, The Seven Steps to Stage Hypnosis, The Keys to Hypnotic Induction’s, The Secret of Speed, The Three Steps to Hypnosis, Peer Group Pressure, The I.I.C. Syndrome, The Karaoke Syndrome, The Sheep Effect, The Exhibitionist, People Hypnotise Themselves, The Placebo Effect, Golden Rules to Follow, Your Hypnotic Toolkit, The Human Mind, The Biofeedback Effect.

PART 2: Be Prepared, The Awakening Method & Much, Much More!

PART 3: Know Your Lines, Opening Patter for Theatres and Large Venues, Locked Hands Patter, Falling Backwards Induction on Subject A, Falling Backwards on Second Subject, Falling Backwards on Rest of Subjects, The Way to Continue, Group Induction Deepening, Suggestions for the First Routine, End of the Show’s First Half, Second Half Opening Patter, Awakening them from Trance, Some Extra Notes and Advice, End of the Show Patter, A Complete Script, Hypnotic Gags & Gags for Routines, Some General Notes on Comedy.

PART 4: Rapport, Observation, Recognition, Leadership & other skills essential to both Stage & Therapy Hypnotists!

PART 5: Principles of Verbal Psychology, Suggestion Correctly Expressed is Hypnosis, Some Final Advice.

PART 6: Principles of Physical Psychology.

PART 7: What is Hypnosis?, What is a Trance State?, Coue’s Law of Reversed Effort, Reverse Psychology.

PART 8: Suggestibility Tests, The Arm Drop Test, Fingers Closing Test, The Handclasp Test, Light and Heavy Hands Test, The Perfume Bottle Test, Warm Fingers Test, The Order of Tests to be done, The Guaranteed Handclasp Test.

PART 9: Induction Methods, Falling Backwards Induction, Falling Forward Induction, The Floating Arm Induction, Eyes Glued Together Induction, Instant Induction, Hypnotising Hecklers (Cerebral Anoxia), The Craig Williams Microphone Induction, The Body Flop Induction, The Locked Hands Induction, The Handwave Induction, Handshake Instant Induction, Can’t be bothered with you Induction, Aeroplane Induction, The Finger Stare Induction, The Swaying Handclap Induction, The Progressive Relaxation Induction, The Sidney Flowers Blink Method of P.R.I, Spotlight Eyestrain P.R.I, Muscular Relaxation P.R.I., The Counting Backwards Induction, The Handsweep Technique, The Little Boy Induction, 100% Confusion Induction, Shock Hypnosis, The Rubber Legs Induction, Why Won’t They be Hurt?, The Arm Spin Induction, World Record High Speed Hypnosis Technique, Hypnotising the Audience, The Eye to Eye Fascination Induction, Indirect Induction Method, Variations on Induction, Creating your own Inductions, Techniques of Brainwashing, Pressure Point Induction, Self Hypnosis Briefly Explained, Standard Phrases which Hypnotists Use, Standard Phrases for Hypnotic Inductions, Handshake Technique, Two are Bad Subjects Ploy.

PART 10: Bitz ‘n’ Bobs, Trance States, Identifying the Trance States, Time Distortion, Abreaction’s, Hard to Awaken Subjects, Pacing and Leading, My Secret of Hypnosis.

PART 11: The Laws, Regulations and Red Tape of the Hypnotic Industry, Public Liability Insurance, Catch 22 Solved, The 1952 Hypnotism Act, Legally breaking the 1952 Hypnotism Act, Breaking the Government Guidelines 1989, Breaking the 1952 Act.

PART 12: Making Money from Stage Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy.

PART 13: Comedy Sketch Ideas, Adaptability, Additional Lighting Effect Ideas, Effect of Colours, Adult and Family Show, Comedy Sketch Ideas, Additional Comedy Routines, Final Note on Comedy Routines, The Bridge (Human Catalepsy), The Bed of Nails, Painless Surgery, Publicity Stunts, Hypnosis via Satellite Link/Letter/Telephone Etc.

PART 14: Shortcuts to Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy, Advanced Hypnotherapy, The Conscious Mind, The Unconscious Mind, Hypnotising for Therapy, Fixed Gaze Induction, Visualisation Method, Focus of Concentration Method, The Counting Method, Deepening the Hypnotic Trance, Stopping Smoking, Weight Loss, Skin Problems, Confidence Building, Hypno-Analysis, Creative Visualisation, Advanced Hypnotherapy.

PART 15: Psychotherapy, Eight Negative States of Mind, Further Problems to Tackle at Advanced Level, Acute Depression, Sexual Problems, Regression, Shadowing Tapes.

PART 16: Shortcuts to Alternative Medicine, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Herbalism, Massage, Naturopathy, How to Help with Memory Loss Diseases, How to Help with Long and Short Sightedness, How Miracles are worked, Increasing your Hypnotherapy Business and Income.

PART 17: How to Earn Money from Stress Management and Motivational Training, The Nature and Causes of Stress, Flight or Fight Response, The Physiology of Stress, Stress Response Choices, Sources of Stress, Recognising Stress Symptoms, Relaxation Techniques, Stress Management Course, Overall Course Objectives, How to Market Stress Management to Employers, How much to Charge.

PART 18: The Fast Phobia Cure Treatment Known as Neuro Associative Conditioning (NAC), Six Master Steps to Change.

PART 19: More Shortcuts to Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy, How to Earn as you Learn, Seven Steps to Analysis Success, Seven Steps to Suggestion Success, Transference, Counter Transference, Rationalisation, Free Association & Analysis Therapy!

PART 20: LeRoy’s Bizarre – A chapter of generally very useful Hypnotic information and secrets that have been closely guarded by the top professionals for years!

PART 21: Complete Mind Therapy (CMT), Royle’s Unique Complete Mind Therapy Session Structure and how to use this to treat most any person with most any problem within a single one hour session, A Summary of the Key Points.

PART 22: Super Power CMT – A real world tried, tested and poven to work specialist non specific treatment script for Complete Mind Therapy which will cure most any person with most any problem within a single 60 to 90 minute personal one to one treatment session, when they also use the back up audio cd which you are taught how to use, make & supply. Plus Numerous other chapters of invaluable real word Hypnosis & NLP Techniques, including step by step business plans helping you to make massive £££/$$$ from both Hypnotherapy & NLP along with Stress Management and even Stage Hypnosis Shows!


This entire hypnosis course has been purposely written in a simple to understand manner with plain language and complicated words and phrases removed. As closely to the way the majority of us speak. This has been established as the best possible way to learn, absorb and understand information, which may be new and alien to us. Grammar and syntax will be thrown away in the interests of passing on the knowledge easily, quickly, enjoyably and effectively to you. Hypnosis is a much deeper subject than most realise. The majority of the population is of the opinion that all you do is snap your fingers or swing a shiny watch in front of their eyes and then they will just instantly drop off to sleep. Well it is a great deal more complicated than that, yet at the same time if you are prepared to believe what you will be taught then you will realise that it is also far easier to learn than you might at first imagine. Read, study and absorb the contents of this course, it will without doubt place you on the road to ultimate success in Stage Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy. If you absorb the contents of this course which is filled with liquid gold knowledge then your success is almost guaranteed. This course has been read by many satisfied customers. Some people just want to know about the mystery and fascinating subject of hypnosis. Others want to go that stage further and become entertainers as a professional stage hypnotist or help others as a caring Hypnotherapist.


In this set you will learn the most Devious, Ingenious and Reliable Methods, Tricks and Techniques to use to help people Stop Smoking, Lose Weight, Overcome Phobias and also to deal with numerous Pain Control Issues. You'll learn a method of Hypnotic Pain Control and Glove Anesthesia that is not taught anywhere else and which will blow your mind. You'll discover the truth about what chemical reactions and changes take place in the brain during Hypnotherapy and how to use these to your advantage. You'll be taught the main elements of the Gastric Band Complete Mind Therapy Approach. And in short you'll discover tried, tested and proven to work Strategies, Ploys and Treatment Techniques to enable you to become a far more Confident, Competent and Successful NLP'er, Hypnotherapist and/or Life Coach with ease!


Become a Fly on the wall as Royle undertakes a real therapy session for a real client (to deal with Insomnia and other issues) and then after gaining a successful outcome he teaches you every element of how it worked, why he did what he did and explains how his often unusual and unconventional approaches consistently prove themselves to be so Successful. Ton's of other Shortcuts to Success with every issue your clients could ever present to you from A thru to Z are covered in this set as well ensuring that you'll be head and shoulders above the vast majority of other so called therapists in terms of your skills, expertise and the results you obtain!


The curtain is pulled back and finally the truth revealed about how easily you can consistently cure most any person with most any issue from A thru to Z in a single 60 to 90 minute treatment session. Like many of Royle's other training packages, this one also contains many approaches that other Hypnosis Trainers either simply don't know or are just too scared to teach you. WATCH THAT VIDEO AGAIN AND THEN SECURE YOUR SET TODAY.. Remember you get Both the London and Bristol Events that these people in the video attended as part of this package and so will learn EXACTLY what they learnt:

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