(And Other Techniques To Produce Psychic Mind Reading Miracle's)


Whilst it is true that within this package Royle Reveals his Real World Method for using the Centre Tear technique which enables you to secretly find out what someone has written down without anyone knowing, in truth that is just the tip of the iceberg of this packages contents.

Would you like to be able to apparently read people's minds and tell them exactly what they may be thinking of without anything ever being written down?

Would you like to be able to appear to communicate with peoples deceased loved ones in the Spirit World in a most accurate and spooky manner?

Or imagine being able to have 4 people randomly selected, one thinks of a persons name, another thinks of a type of drink, the third thinks of a country in the world and the final person thinks of a type of car and then without anything being written down and with no pre-show work you are able to one by one miraculously reveal exactly what they are purely thinking of.

Maybe you'd love to be able to write down a prediction and then have four people randomly generate a four digit number (or perhaps use someone's pin number) and then be able to show that you predicted in advance what number would be generated or that you knew their personal pin number before they told you, and yes this is all done without the need for Nail Writers, Impression Pads or any similar devices.

Within this bumper download package you will get an illustrated PDF and Six Video Files which together have a combined running time of over One Hour & 12 Minutes in total.

Several extremely powerful techniques are taught making them easy to learn and master, including Royle's Real World Center Tear Reveal whereby the person whose mind you are reading walks away with the paper they wrote their thought down on at the end and will swear 100% honestly that they believe they had hold of the paper at all times inside their hands thus making it impossible for you to have seen what they wrote and they will believe this as no switches ever take place using this approach.

Combined with a modicum of talent and a Strong personality the contents of this package are all you need to start a New Religion or more ethically carve yourself a legendary reputation as a True Miracle Mind Reader.

Amazing Value at Just $10-00.