IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU - (Positive Power Of being Selfish) "Hypnotism Exposed" Jan 2017


(The Positive Power Of being Selfish)

"Hypnotism Exposed" Jan 2017.

e are brought up to believe that being Selfish is a Negative or Bad thing when in truth the direct opposite is the real truth.

It's not being Selfish Enough and not having enough Respect for your Self and your own needs, that for most people is actually the root cause of the majority of problems, habits, addictions, fears, phobias, emotional imbalances and even health issues they may have in life.

Within this often Hugely Controversial, but certainly thought provoking and eye opening package Jonathan Royle reveals in a simple easy to follow step by step manner the undeniable proof that being Selfish is actually good for your health and wellbeing and actually is the way to get Happier, Healthieer and more Successfull in all areas of your life.

Watching these videos may well shake your innermost Beliefs, Perceptions and understandings of Life, but one thing is for sure, when you apply the philosphys and techniques they contain you will be able to positively transform all areas of Your life for the better.

Filmed on Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd of January 2017, this set of videos is very similar to that which we sell in our online store at this link: - (Usual Retail = $197)

The Main differences with this package you now have before you are:

a) It was not filmed on a Professional Camera, whereas the package at the link just given was filmed by a Professional Camera and Camera man and thus is not just one static shot from a distance like this set is.

b) For the same reason that the picture is not as Close-Up as it would be with a Professional Camera-Man and is in the set mentioned earlier, the sound on this set is also not quite as good and you will need to ensure that the Sound is turned up on both your Computer and also on You-Tube on the Unlisted Private Videos themselves.

c) Indeed you may find that wearing headphones which also have their own volume control could be the perfect solution for you.

d) There are some things taught in the set at that are not physically demonstrated in this package, mainly several of the Suggestibility Tests and Hypnotic Induction Methods that are referred to on the flipchart, images of which are within this Zip File. But by the same token there are also concepts taught in this package that do not appear in that one!

e) During this event I focused way more on how “IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU” and how Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem, Self-Image, Self-Control, Self-Respect, Self-Help, Self-Worth, Self-Hypnosis and ultimately Selfishness and being Selfish are the True Keys to Perfect Health, Happiness and Hypnosis.

f) This package, unlike the other does NOT include the Scripts, Audio Masters and other items to help kick start you as a Practitioner of Complete Mind Therapy (CMT) and Mind Emotion Liberation Techniques (MELT) along with Clinical Hypnotherapy in General, and in truth without access to those Scripts and Resources you will be unable to start treating people with those exact approaches which are taught in full in the other package at

G) This package due to being sold as a “Taster” and not having the better quality Professional Sound and Vision that the other package does has of course therefore been offered to you at a fraction of the price of the other package.

REMEMBER = This package is all about learning to LOVE YOURSELF and thus in turn being more SELFISH in life and how this can help you lead a far more fulfilling, calm, relazing, healthy, successful and enjoyable life.