SPECIAL DAYS - Mobile Phone Magic & Mentalism Animated Gifs

Mobile Phone Magic & Mentalism Animated Gifs –SPECIAL DAYS   By: Jonathan Royle & Stuart Cassels   When we emailed a proto-type of just one of these multi-purpose animated gif gimmicks to veteran Mentalist Lee Earle for his opinion his response was quite simply:

"I looked over your materials - brilliant! I wish I had thought of using the Hypno-Disc first. You have a winner on your hands. Good luck with it."
Lee Earle

And when we sent one to Lior Manor he rapidly responded with the comment:

"Thanks a lot. this is cool. I hope I can contribute something"
Lior Manor     Although ideas, suggestions and applications are included from Jonathan Royle & Stuart Cassels the creators of this package, along with others from Kenton Knepper, Ken Dyne, Colin Cloud, Lior Manor, Marc Paul and Lee Earle, the real value of and uses of this package are truly only limited by your own imagination.

Yes you can add an amazing new dimension to many Close-Up or Stage Magical Routines and indeed also perform new and original ideas.

Yes you will be able to perform miraculous feats of Mind Reading and Mentalism.
This package of multi purpose “Gimmicks” was developed from an original seed of an idea by Kenton Knepper who kindly gave us his blessing to release our “Mobile Magic 2015” bumper package of 120 Gimmicked Animated Hypnotic Spiral Gifs for use on all Mobile Phones and similar handheld electronic devices which is now available from all major magic dealers.

After much demand we are now releasing elements of the big package as individual packages, each one containing some relevant Gimmicked Animated Hypnotic Spiral Gifs, along with 2 Ungimmicked Gifs and full instructions for their use including some ideas to get you thinking of your own unique uses.

In short you are able to show a Spinning Hypnotic Spiral on your Phone to everybody and then get one Spectator to Stare at it and it will end up showing them a word or easily recognised symbol on screen.

It's a non verbal way of Forcing an item, or turning someone into an instant mindreader, or of taking Dual Reality Routines to the next level.

Indeed if combined with real Suggestion and Hypnosis techniques even bigger miracles can apparently be worked.

The Gimmicked Gifs are designed so that they spin for quite a while enabling you to show the face of the phone casually to everybody.

Then only known to you a small dot will appear and flash on and off at the bottom edge of the gif to warn you that in a few seconds time the image or word is going to appear on the screen.

This is to ensure that you only have the phone facing the person who needs to see it.

And then of course the image reverts back to the Spinning Hypnotic Spiral.

As you are also supplied with non gimmicked gifs, you can if you desire at this point secrectly switch to one of the non gimmicked gifs and then casually place your phone down face up on the table proving it and also the moving gif to be normal in all manners.

In this Package Entitled “P” you will receive gimmicked gifs that will Force or Reveal the following:

*Xmas Day

*Mothers Day

*Fathers Day   *Ground-Hog Day   *Holiday

*St. Andrews Day   *St. Davids Day   *St. Patricks Day   *St. Georges Day


*Tuesday   *Wednesday   *Thursday   *Friday   *Saturday   *Sunday

You get 17 Gimmicked Animated Gifs & 2 Non Gimmicked Gifs.   $8.00