Dear Fellow Hypnotists, Mentalists & Psychic Readers…

A few months ago I discovered something truly fascinating and amazing, which I know, you will be excited about when you consider its unlimited possibilities in your work…

The Special “Mystical” item I am talking about is an “Optical Illusion Ring”…
What’s that I hear you cry, well visit this web link and all should become a lot clearer:

Yes in short an “Optical Illusion Ring” is a deviously designed ring which contains its own optical illusion whereby when the ring is twisted, turned or rotated in one direction it visually appears to get bigger and expand…And when twisted, turned or rotated in the other direction it visually appears to shrink and decrease in size!

You really have to see this happen to believe it and even then you won’t believe your eyes as the ring is 100% solid with absolutely no moving or adjustable parts, its just a normal finger ring but one with a very special optical design indeed!

I’ve been experimenting with these amazing rings for several months now and have discovered some amazing uses for them which I am currently placing together into the pages of a mind blowing training manual the likes of which has never been released before…

Here are just some of the amazing things you’ll learn from my new guide:

How Psychic Consultants can use the rings to conduct truly amazing, accurate and fascinating readings for their customers.

How you will use the rings as the ultimate visual fixation point for hypnotic induction’s.

How to make people feel the ring “breathing” inside their hand as they hold it as you super charge it with your Psychic Energy to become a valuable “Lucky Charm” or “Psychic Protection Device” which they will treasure highly and gladly pay you a good price for!

How to combine pacing and leading with the rings in order to rapidly alter the clients breathing rhythm and guide them into a deep trance.

How you can dramatically speed up your Hypnotic Induction’s in a way that only using these rings allows!

Suggestions for using a combination of a Silver Ring and a Gold Ring in your sessions to increase your treatment success rates even further and how the rings can be used in Counselling Sessions and Psychotherapy or Hypno-Analysis to get your clients even more relaxed and talkative!

How you will use the rings as an aid in helping people to eliminate fears, phobias and other negative problems or habits from theirs life’s such as Smoking.

How you can use the rings to help people to decrease their depression and also to increase their self-esteem, positive self-image and confidence.

How you will no doubt use the rings to increase your success rates in helping people to successfully eliminate any problem from A through to Z from their life’s.

How NLP’ers & Life Coaches may use the rings as a positive and truly powerful tool to help clients leave negative patterns, thoughts & programmes behind and at the same time enable them to more easily instil positive patterns, thoughts & programmes, thus enabling them to achieve their goals more rapidly and easily.

How to use the rings to convince people that you have hypnotised them instantly anytime, anyplace, anywhere. For example I have found this is the perfect technique to use when in a social setting and people find out your job and then challenge you to hypnotise them!

Using these unique rings you can apparently instantly hypnotise them without fail and both the people watching and the person who put you on the spot will all be 100% convinced that genuine hypnosis has occurred. Then you hand out your business cards and count the extra profits you will make from increased clients.

I’ll even reveal to you how to use the rings as a powerful aid in teaching your clients how to use self-hypnosis effectively on themselves between sessions or as a stand-alone profit generating business in its own right!

All this and more will be revealed within the pages of my forthcoming manual “THE RING” including where you can buy the rings wholesale at massive discounts from the retail price in order that you may make maximum profits selling them to your clients and every person you meet.

Yes the optical effect of this ring is so powerful that practically every person I have ever shown them to has wanted to buy one on the spot, realise now just how much extra money this could generate for you!

I’ll even reveal to you how to make a fortune selling these rings along with some simple printed instructions on self hypnosis and/or an audio CD for massive profits by way of mail order and internet advertising and explain how this can also generate many more lucrative one to one personal therapy clients for your business.

For Stage Hypnotists & Mentalists I’ll explain how to use the ring to secure lucrative high profile corporate shows for major clients, yes that’s right I’ll explain how to use the rings to break into lucrative markets.

I’ll even reveal how Magician’s, Mentalists and Hypnotists wishing to add some miracles into their performances can use the rings to turn members of the audience into “Instant Psychics” able to correctly read the thoughts of other audience members with ease and reveal to you my favourite ways of doing this!

As a Special FREE BONUS I will also reveal to you the Secrets to several amazing magic tricks, which will both make you the life and soul of every party and also can be used as a powerful tool within your therapy treatment sessions! Yes for the first time in print I will teach you my unique and powerful techniques of “Magical Mind Therapy”.

Plus I'll show you ways to duplicate many Hilarious “Comedy Hypnosis Routines” without the need to ever genuinely hypnotise anybody!

And that’s just the tip of a huge iceberg regarding all of the numerous powerful, tried, tested and proven to work Secrets, Ploys and Mind Blowing Techniques which will be revealed within the pages of this unique manual!

30 Large Format (A4) Pages get straight to the point and reveal all you need to know to work "Miracles" with the Optical Illusion Rings that are available in both Silver and Gold from all Major Magic Dealers.