Wordpress Websites for Hypnotherapists

Wordpress Websites for Hypnotherapists

10 Websites for Hypnotherapists etc.

Contains 10 carefully designed websites suitable for Hypnotherapy, Holistic, Alternative & Complementary Therapies.

All website designs are Mobile Friendly, and designed for Wordpress.

Comes with 60 instructional videos to help you run your own website - if you can use a word-processor and an internet browser, then you have many of the skills needed for Wordpress.

As well as "generic" website designs, there are also niche designs for Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss, Hypnobirthing, Depression etc

A single custom built site will cost at least the price of this package, and will take weeks to design. Now you can pick and choose which sites you want to represent your business - or why not use all ten to maximise your exposure on the web, and beat the competition?

For ideas see this blog post


You can even change the theme of your website without disturbing your content!


- Over 1,000 Royalty Free Photographs, carefully selected for therapists to use in Social Media, Blogging etc
- Every website now comes in 4 different layouts (single column, left & right columns etc)
- Suggestions on the best WP Plugins to get you started.
- Bonus Software


HypnoBirthing Wordpress Themes

Brand New HypnoBirthing Niche Website Wordpress Theme Now Available!

Containing 2 design options, each with 3 layouts, this design has just been created for the HypnoBirthing Market, but may work just as well for the fertility market etc.

2 designs
Single column and 2 column (Left & Right) layouts included.
55 Royalty Free Images
12 Additional "Magazine" style layout pages
60 online training videos for Wordpress
Single user licence.
Simply choose & buy your domain, upload to your web hosting, and add your own content! If you can use an internet browser and create simple documents in Microsoft Word, you can update your own Wordpress site!

 To see the website themes in action, visit 




Reiki Wordpress Website Design - Theme, Chakra, Complementary Therapy,

Contained within the zip file is a Wordpress Theme designed for Reiki practitioners & other therapists. The design is simple & elegant - gold, pink and white, and features the symbolism of the Lotus Flower. The theme is Mobile Friendly, and suitable for numerous Wordpress Plugins, including Yoast SEO.

If you have never installed a Wordpress theme, don't worry! I have included a pdf file containing links to over 50 Wordpress Training videos explaining how to install Wordpress, upload the Theme, change the content, etc.

As an added bonus, I have also included a few images and Blog Reports to get you started!


 World Hypnotism Day Countdown Graphics for Social Media (Professional Version)

Every big event needs a countdown!

Blockbuster Movie Releases, Christmas, Product Launches, Special Offers, World Hypnotism Day...

What? You don't get your potential clients excited for World Hypnotism Day?

The Graphics within this package have been designed to start the countdown for WHD (and other Hypnotic Events) with a 10 day countdown - use them as image posts on Faceboook, Twitter, etc to get your audience curious about your big news...

Whether you are announcing a Special Offer, a News Story, or just to celebrate World Hypnotism Day (4th January annually) and get traffic to your business page or even your own personal social media feed.

We have also included some bonus Facebook header images to promote "Special Offers", "News & Special Offers" etc.

NOTE = This Product is NOT included inside the Elite Hypnosis Bootcamp Members Area and must be purchased on its own here.