Using nothing more than a piece of rope and a pair of scissors, with the assistance of an audience member, with this routine you have an action packed ten to 12 minutes of Solid real world Comedy Entertainment that is packed with numerous high impact visual magical moments along the way.

By way of a PDF Ebook, 85 Full Colour Photographs and Access to Several Hours of Clear Step by Step Training Videos you will be taught every element of this truly Commercial Audience Tested Comedy Cabaret Rope Routine which Royle first started performing in this manner Circa 1990.

During the Course of this Fast Moving Routine:

*A Tiny Short Piece of Rope is Stretched visually into a very long length of Rope.

*Twice in quick succession the Rope is Cut and Restored.

*You Tie a Knot in the Rope without letting go of the ends.

*You then teach the audience a way to tie a knot in the rope without letting go of the ends .

*Visually you crack the rope like a Whip and visually a knot appears in it.

*A volunteer from audience cuts the Rope into 3 equal lengths for you and they are shown to be all the same size.

*Suddenly all 3 lengths of Rope have changed to different sizes, small, medium and large drawing much laughter from the audience.

*The Classic Professors Nightmare is performed to visually pull all 3 ropes and make them the same size at which point they are displayed and counted as three separate ropes of the same size.

*One rope is placed around your neck and the other two visually morph into one piece of rope!

*The Volunteer pulls the ends off the rope and leaves you with just a solid loop of rope that is shown.

*Invisible Scissors are used to cut the loop and this is then magically restored with the other piece making one rope again.

*The ends of the rope are placed into your mouth and the middle into your top pocket and these magically change places with a comical gag ending.

*All 3 pieces of rope used during the routine are tied together and one by one the two knots are made to vanish leaving one long length of solid rope just like you started with at the beginning.

*Other Elements including where to place and how to logically perform a powerful Ring on Rope Routine are also taught and discussed.

*Various other Rope Tricks and Techniques are also taught within the package so that you may add to, change or vary the routine to suit your own needs.

*Using changes in patter and the verbal gags used, this can and does play equally well for Children's Parties & Family Shows as it does for more mature open minded Adult Cabaret & Comedy Club Performances.

This truly is a “Packs Small & Plays Massive” Professional “workers” routine that has been honed to perfection over the years.

Just: $20