Secret's of Stage Hypnosis - A Simple Approach

You will gain access to a one hour long video which in a simple step by step manner teaches you every element of how to present and perform a Successful and highly entertaining Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show.

You will be taught numerous Suggestibility Tests and also Lots of Different Slow, Rapid and even Instantaneous Hypnotic Induction Techniques, which will also prove of use to the Hypnotherapist who does Public Talks and Group Therapy Sessions.

This is a very old video that was filmed Circa 1994, however the Secrets and Techniques taught within by Jonathan Royle are still bang up to date and indeed many of them are next to impossible to find taught properly anywhere else.

An excellent introduction to Royle's Stage Hypnosis and Rapid/Instant Induction Training Materials and Approaches and an absolute Bargain at just $9.70

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