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Life Coaching & Self Development Video, Audio & PDF Training Set.

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01) Video Lesson – Life Coaching Strategies For Life

02) Video Lesson – Goal Setting Made Easy

03) Video Lesson – Personal Power Secrets

So if you're ready, let me introduce you to my life coaching DVD series...

Everything you need to know about self development through visualization and affirmation is included in this special package:

· How to build critical thinking skills

· Effective Goal Setting & Making Your Dreams Come True

· Visualizing problems & Solving Them Easily

· Practicing self development through visualization and affirmation

· Training to understand your mind

· Leaving The Past Behind & Creating Your Compelling Future

· Recalling development

· Forecasts in self development through visualization and affirmation

· How to use your critical thinking skills

· The process of affirmation

· Visualization and affirmation exercises

In Short You Will Learn EVERYTHING you need to know to dramatically improve all areas of your life…

I leave absolutely nothing out!

Everything that I learned in order to achieve my own self development through visualization and affirmation I share with you.

This is one of the most comprehensive series on self development and life coaching you will ever see!

No stone is left unturned in this comprehensive series!

As well as The Three Easy to Follow Instructional Videos you will also gain instant download access to:

*Several Life Coaching related Products that come with Legal Resale Rights and even ready made websites to help you start pulling in proftable sales almost immediatly.

*Over 30 "Life Coaching" Training Audio MP3 Lesson's teaching you techniques, Strategies and proven ways to improve all areas of your own life and of course your clients lifes too.

*Complete Package including Power Point Slides, Running Orders, Course Notes and much more enabling you to easily run One Day "Life Coaching" Courses both for the Public and also the lucrative Corporate arena.

*Numerous Books, Manuals and Courses covering all areas of "Life-Coaching" Skills and also teaching how to realistically earn $100,000+ or more each year as a Professional Life Coach.

In a nutshell everything you need to get started making money from the Profitable "Life Coaching" industry is included in this bumper instant download package.