By way of this 14 Page PDF Ebook together with access to Several videos with a combined duration of almost three and a half hours, you will learn Six of Royle's Favourite Magic & Mind Reading Miracle Effects from his Six Part 2001 European Television Series “Life In The Bus Lane”

You will also of course get to watch all Six Episodes of Royle's often Surreal and Bizarre Comedy Magic, Mentalism & Hypnosis TV Show, along with the original Pilot Show as well.

The Six Reputation Making effects that you will witness him perform on the Streets and in the Venues of Amsterdam before learning how they are achieved are as follows:

Psychometric Colour Mystery

A demonstration of Colour Psychology that impressively concludes with an audience member matching the contents of three envelopes freely chosen by audience members with coloured cards in a manner whereby they inexplicably match up in sets.

This can be performed Close-Up or with Large cards and envelopes (as Royle does on his TV Show) to make a feature Stage Effect.

Hoys Tossed Out Book Test

Five different Books of five different genre's are shown to the audience and four audience members each freely choose a book. A page number if freely chosen without any forces and ultimately everybody ends up thinking of a word on that page in their own books.
To much applause you manage to reveal each of the words that each person is merely thinking of.

Do You Do Voodoo? - Card Coincidence

Using both a Red and Blue Backed Deck of Cards this is an impossible seeming coincidence effect where both decks are shuffled by the volunteer and yet you both seemingly select exactly the same card from your own deck.

Do You Do Voodoo? - Card Prediction

After being shuffled and in the fairest and most seemingly random manner possible a volunteer chooses a Number and a Suit to generate a random playing card and this turns out to be identical to the prediction card that you placed face down under your foot on the floor before they made their choices.

The Rising Match-Box

What can be a borrowed matchbox as it is completely normal is placed onto the back of your hand and by apparent Psychokinetic Mind Power alone it is seen to visually and slowly rise up and raise from the back of your hand and stand up on its end before immediately being handed out for examination.

The 12 Card Mind Reading Experiment

A Miracle Class effect where you are able to Mentally deduce how many cards somebody has placed into their pocket or hidden elsewhere whilst your back was turned or even whilst you have left the room.

A total of Six Audience Tested “Miracle Class” Effects for one low bargain price!