THE ART OF RAPID SPEED TRANCE HYPNOSIS by Jonathan Royle (The Original Rogue Hypnotist)


By The Original Rogue Hypnotist



Within this eight part video package (approx 6 hours duration) which is accompanied by access to three comprehensive easy to understand step by step training manuals, you will learn things about all areas of NLP, Hypnotherapy, Stage-Hypnosis & Street Hypnotism that the vast majority of so called Hypnotists either don't know or are just too scared to teach you as they don't want to create any competition for themselves.

It matters not whether you are an experienced Hypnotic Exponent or a Complete Beginner as within this package the truly Original Rogue Hypnotist aka “British Bad Boy of Hypnosis” Jonathan Royle blows the lid on this Secretive Industry and exposes all of the Lies, Untruths and Inaccuracies that unfortunately the majority of Hypnotism Teachers have been Lying to their students about for years.

You cannot possibly fail to become a far more Confident, Competent, Truly Powerful & Hugely Successful Hypnotist after studying the contents of this package as finally you will learn the REAL TRUTH about what Hypnosis (whether for Stage, Street or Clinical Therapy purposes) truly is and how it truly does work.

And along the way you will learn exactly how to NEVER FAIL in anything and everything that you do as a Hypnotist as you discover the True Art of Rapid Speed Trance Hypnosis techniques, both for changing peoples life's for the better on a personal 1 to 1 basis and also with profitable Group Hypnotherapy Sessions as well as how to effectively, safely, legally and ethically entertain people with the power of their minds.

You will become a fly on the wall as you gain access to the unedited “warts & all” videos from this event which took place on Saturday 17th March 2018 at Future House Therapy Centre in Chesterfield, England.

Although this event was recorded on a single static camera and it is most certainly not a Professional recording, it is more than clear enough for you to learn the Secrets, Techniques and Explosive Home Truths that Royle Reveals within and which are guaranteed to help you become a far better Hypnotist on all levels and in all contexts and situations at all times.

Among the numerous things you will learn are:

*The Correct Structure for Successful Hypnotherapy Treatment Sessions.

*The Correct Structure for Powerful & Profitable Group Therapy Events.

*The Correct Structure for Safe, Legal & Hilarious Hypnotism Shows.

*The 6 Most Effective Hypnotic Suggestibility Tests to use.

*How to easily turn Suggestion Tests into Powerful Inductions.

*Several of the World's Fastest & Most Powerful Trance Inductions.

*True Insider Secrets of Getting People under in a matter of Seconds!!

*Most effective and Rapid Trance Deepening Strategies.

*No Fail Techniques for Stage, Street & Clinical Applications that Guarantee your Success!

*How to consistently change peoples life's for the better with Hypnosis.

*How to Safely, Ethically & Legally Entertain on Stage with Hypnotism.

*Dave Elman's discovery & how understanding it turns you into an Instant Street Hypnotist able to confidently create powerful Hypnotic Phenomena.

*Truth about things that can & will go wrong and how to deal with them when they do occur.

*Plus tons of other real world, tried, tested and consistently proven to work insider techniques, approaches, methods and strategies that will set you on the path to success.

Be warned that Royle's training style is Loud, Proud, Provocative and often seemingly offensive at first sight during many moments of this event which is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud and question anything and everything you may think you already know about the subject.

As a Special Introductory offer we are giving you this opportunity to learn from the true Grandmaster of Hypnotic Technique for just $97.