Navel Gazing The Art of Psychic Belly Button Reading

Navel Gazing, The Art of Psychic Belly Button Reading is the title of this book and it pretty much teaches exactly what it says on the tin. Dr. Jonathan Royle is an International Celebrity Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and Psychic Entertainer and within the pages of this Amusing, Entertaining and Educational Guide he teaches you the True Inside Secrets of Belly Button Reading. Not only does he explain the kinds of physical traits to look for in Navels and what those can mean, but also he examines how to connect to the Belly Buttons Base Chakra Energy Point to get improved accuracy with Intuitive Psychic Style Readings to be able to tell people about their Pasts, Present and Futures as well as their true personalities and intended direction in life for success. Further Royle also discusses "Cold Reading", "Body Language" and "Astrology" and explains how these can be used to make your readings more accurate when your Intuitive Psychic Powers and Skills may be having a bad day. And then from an Entertaining people and being the life and soul of the Party point of view, he teaches you several "Mind Reading" stunts and tricks which can be done by examining a persons Navel. And finally he also teaches you how the Human Navel can be used for "Spiritual Style Healing" in a SAFE, Ethical and Positive Manner to help people in their life's. Plus you'll learn tons of interesting and unusual facts about the Human Belly Button that will make for stimulating conversation subject matter. Arguably the most comprehensive treatise on the Human Belly Button ever released

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