HYPNOTORIOUS NEWSGROUP ARCHIVE = From June 2004 to November 2019 - Over 15 Years of Hypnosis Gold

So Back in around June 2004 I set up a Yahoo Discussion Newsgroup called HYPNOTORIOUS.

Now in November 2019 over Fifteen Years later Yahoo have announced that they will be closing down all Yahoo Groups in December 2019.

Therefore I have downloaded all of the posts, data and files from the group and they are now available here as one bumper download Zip File.

The files folder is the ebooks and other helpful documents and things that members uploaded to the group over the years.

In the Messages folder are files containing all of the messages posted by all members over the 15+ years.

Use some free Zip Software from the web to open the Zip file and then in the Messages folder right mouse click on a file and choose "VIEW FILE" which then opens it and makes it readable.

Amongst the adverts, arguments and discussions there is some Liquid Gold Advice from Hypnotherapists around the world including directly from many FAMOUS NAMES as well as you will spot as you work through things.

Studying these messages in the group will also illustrate to you exactly how much Help, Advice, Training and Support Jonathan Royle has given to many of the so called "Famous Names" and "Experts" in the the industry who today run courses of their own, but as can be seen in this archive learnt much of what they know from ROYLE.

Many who now are jealous of ROYLE and slag him off on the internet are exposed in this archive also as former students and fans of his work and teachings.

The truth of how many have studied ROYLES unique approaches and then "Modelled" them (STOLEN THEM) for their own courses and falsely claimed them as their own is also revealed within the documents in this archive.

Plus there is liquid gold advice from experienced Mind Therapists and Stage Hypnotists including both Famous and Unknown names from around the world covering almost every area of the industry and the subject you could possibly imagine by way of the messages and discussions that took place over the period of Over Fifteen Years.