Dream-Storm The Legacy is a journey into your imagination made up of two books of which the first, subtitled "Journey One - The Quick of Dark"  has over 700 pages and the second subtitiled "Journey Two - The Evil Rises" has over 550 pages.

Both books were written under the influence of Hypnosis when author Roger Howarth had been Hypnotized by British Hypnotist Jonathan Royle to enable him to experience Lucid Dreaming and Astral Travel Phenomena. 

Within the pages you will meet Jayden, The Dream People and a whole host of other characters that will introduce you to the deepest realms of your own imagination and dream world realities as you explore the Universe through Inter Dimensional Time Travel or perhaps its simply Astral Travel or Lucid Dreaming?

For those who love Fantasy Fiction the Dream-Storm Series blurs the line between Fantasy & Reality in a unique manner that is both massively entertaining and also truly thought provoking.

Aimed at the same kind of age group that would enjoy reading Harry Potter and similar books this is an inspiring, motivational story of good triumphing over evil and contains positive messages, metaphors and narratives within that will help instill confidence and positive thinking into the reader whatever their age.

Following Jaydens Journey and Adventures to help save the Pyron Aximer it is true to say that Light will shade forever, if Dreams fall to the doom of the Dreamogan.

Hypnotists, Dreamers and indeed anyone who has a creative imagination will massively enjoy losing themselves within the pages of these two books.

They are also available in large format paperback book formats from Amazon.

BOOK ONE = The Quick of Dark = 700+ Pages 

BOOK TWO = The Evil Rises = 550+ Pages