MEGA BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY - Complementary and Alternative Therapy (CAMS) - Business In A Box

When you puchase you get access to well over 111+ Ebooks listed on all areas of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAMS) together with titles on Holistic Health Approaches and also New Age Healing & Self-Help Subjects. 

This is a Complete business in a box, ideal for Hypnotherapists/Massage or any other therapy practices/business.

Sell as many copies of each product as you like and keep all the profits.  

Copy to CD’s and sell at mind, body, spirit fairs, or sell online or any where. alternative Therapies, Meditation etc…  

“Many People Are Not Aware Of All The Different Forms Available For Healing and alternative therapy is one of the biggest growing markets available“

In This package, You Will get the following:  

Aromatherapy, Learn About The Healing Art Of Aromatherapy And Discover The Powers Of The Soothing Scents In Healing The Body Tai Chi, Learn About The Miracle Exercise Of Tai Chi And How It Can Strengthen The Body Of The Young And Old!

Reiki, Discover The Natural Healing Energies Of Reiki And Rejuvenate Your Soul Instantly!

Mantra Relive The Ancient Healing Arts Of Mantras And Bring New Energy Into Your Body!

Yin and Yang Master The Healing Art Of Yin And Yang And Achieve Peace, Balance And Prosperity In Your Body!

Meditation Heal Yourself With Powerful Meditation Techniques And Experience A Rebirth Of Energy Within You!

Hypnotherapy Heal Yourself And Take Charge Of Your Life With Hypnotherapy And Never Slip Back Into Self Damaging Patterns Of Behaviour!

Herbal Healing Tap Into The Hidden Healing Powers Of The Natural Healing Properties Of Herbs And Revive Your Mind, Body And Soul!

Acupuncture The Chinese Have Used Acupucture For Years To Heal A Variety Of Ailments…

Now You Can Too By Discovering These Hidden Secrets!

Qi Gong Begin Your Energetic Journey With Qi Gong And Revitalise The Qi Pathways Of Your Body For Better Health!

Yoga Learn About The Healing Art Of Yoga And Discover How This Simple Art Form Of Exercise Can Strengthen Your Body And Boost Your Health!

Binaural Beats Unleash The Healing Powers Of Binaural Beats And Re-energise Your Body Daily With These Simple Techniques!

Reflexology Learn All About Your Body And Heal Through Reflexology By Re-establishing The Connected Flow Of Energy Between Crucial Health Points!

Lucid Dreaming Learn How Lucid Dreaming Can Heal Your Body And Mind By Creating The Type Of Healing Environments Which Support Your Recovery And Growth!

Transfer Factor Balance Your Immune System And Heal From The Worst With Transfer Factor – Managing The Balance Within Your Body Through These Simple Method!

Psychotherapy Learn About The Healing Power Of Psychotherapy And How It Can Help You Overcome Your Past Limiting Behaviours And Ways Of Thinking!

Organic Healing Tap Into The Ultimate Healing Source In The World – Natural Organic And Heal Your Body They Way It Should Be!

Positive Affirmations Heal Your Mind With The Power Of Positive Affirmations And Strengthen Your Mind, Body And Soul With Empowering Beliefs And Ways Of Thinking!

Tui Na Discover The Magic Properties Of The Healing Art Of Tui Na And Recover From Untreatable Ailments!

Gua Sha Learn What Gua Sha Can Do For You And Your Body With This Unknown Ancient Oriental Healing Art!

Cupping Learn About The Healing Art Of Cupping And How It Can Re-establish Blood Flow To The Places That Need It The Most For Fast Recovery! Pilates Learn How Pilates Can Fix Your Body And Heal You In Many Ways, Ways That You Never Thought That You’d Be Able To Do!

Ear Candling Discover The Little-known Art Of Healing Through Ear Candling And Benefit Your Health Like You Never Had Before!

Native American Healing Learn About Safe And Easy Traditional Techniques Used By Native Americans In Healing The Mind, Body And Soul!

Magnetic Therapy Magnetize Your Body And Learn About The Magic Healing Powers Of Magnetic Therapy In Boosting Health!

Crystal Healing Learn How Crystal Healing Can Help You Rejuvate Your Mind And Heal The Body!

Hologram Therapy Experience Unbelievable Healing Sensations By Learning About The Healing Powers Of Hologram therapy!

Polarity Therapy Repoloarise Your Body! Learn About The Power Of Polarity Therapy And How It Can Heal You!

Therapeutic Touch Discover This Rare Healing Technique Which Is Safe And Effective – The Healing Method Known As Therapeutic Touch!

Christian Faith Healing Discover faith healing  

BONUS - Not only do you get all of the 111+ Ebooks - But also you will get:

Ready Made Sales Letters and ready made Html Sales Websites for practically all of the ebooks.  

You will also get numerous other ebooks, training videos and audios This is a monster package and an absolute bargain at just $97 US Dollars (approx £63)  

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