ELASTICATION - Visible Rubber Band Through Pencil & Other Miracles


Visible Rubber Band Through Pencil Penetration


33 large format photo illustrated A4 pages together with a minutes long instructional video teach in simple step by step detail four real world audience tested impromptu Magic Tricks that Royle has performed for decades in his shows around the world.

You'll learn how to make an Elastic Band Penetrate Through a Pen in a manner that when Royle showed it to Jeff McBride at the 2009 Blackpool Magic Convention, Jeff's response was “Where Can I buy That?”

Next you'll discover how to make a napkin vanish from your hand without the need for a thumb tip or any gimmicks in a truly magical way.

A Pen through Bank Note trick is then taught which requires no gimmicks of any kind.

Last but not least Royle Reveals the torn & restored bank note routine that he has been using for decades whereby you are seen to tear the entire middle out of a note and to then restore it right before their eyes without the need for any switches or gimmicks of any kind.

These are four powerful real world Close-Up Miracles that can even be performed “Impromptu” and are 100% Unreservedly Reccomended.