Coaching, Mentoring and Consulting Business Package.

How To Start Your Own Coaching, Mentoring and Consulting Business!
(Videos, Audio MP3, Expert Guidebooks, Articles And Much More)

Discover How To Start Your Own High-Ticket Coaching Business And Charge Premium Prices For Your Advice And Guidance... You'll Discover The Ways To Start Your Own Coaching Business, The Tools And Mindset Needed, And How To Promote It!

In the United States alone, coaching is a billion dollar industry that employs over 20,000 people every year.

A percentage of the population, usually the higher income brackets use personal coaches for everything from self-confidence to learning to play tennis and a study by the Chartered Institute of Personal Development found that more than 90% of organizations have used coaches in some capacity in the past and 70% were planning on continuing or even increasing their coaching within the company. 

Why Do People Hire Coaches?

Coaches are people who have had enough success in their life in a particular field that they feel they are qualified to coach others. Sometimes, coaches are educated or certified in a particular area and sometimes they just rely on their own experience.

A coach is someone who will hold you accountable. If you set goals and then try to achieve them yourself, you are probably not going to hold yourself very accountable.

A coach also provides a reflective surface for you to talk to. Sometimes, all people need is for someone to listen to them, and they can figure out the solution themselves. 

A coach is also a great resource if you aren’t good at planning or keeping track of things. 

A coach has been in your shoes and knows what things to avoid and what things you should do.

There's a Coach In Almost Every Niche

Here's just a slice of a few niches where you can coach in:

Weight loss
Exercise (personal training)
Starting their own business
Becoming a better salesperson
Becoming a better parent
Becoming a better spouse
Picking up girls/boys
Improving themselves
Learning a new language
Coping with a major tragedy
Overcoming an addiction
Becoming better at sex (yes, really)
Having more confidence

Plus of Course there are Many, many others...

What You As a Coach Can Do For Your Potential Clients

Identify where the client actually is and how far they have to go to reach their goals. 

Create a safe environment for them to reach their goals. 

Give them permission to achieve their goals. Some people are their own worst enemies.

Set higher standards than they would have set for themselves. 

Help them build a structure for success. 

Give them the support that they might be lacking. 

Give them tools to make changes. 

With so much information on the web and not knowing who to turn to about learning how to start your own coaching business, it's no wonder some people are just stuck.

Thankfully, this amazing pack has been assembled detailing exactly how to start your own coaching, mentoring and consulting business. COACHING And MENTORING


1. COACHING AUTHORITY VIDEO COURSE  (How To Start Your Own Coaching Business Online)

   Video 1: Have You Got What It Takes To Be A Coach

   Video 2: 5 Things Every Business Coach Should Know

   Video 3: 5 Things Every Life Coach Should Know

   Video 4: 10 Tips For Creating Lasting Confidence

   Video 5: 10 Tips For Being More Assertive

   Video 6: 4 Steps To Becoming More Focused

   Video 7: Developing A Client Relationship That Works For Both Of You

   Video 8: Putting Together An Effective Coaching Plan

   Video 9: Platforms To Deliver Your Coaching Plan

   Video 10: Measuring Value And Success

   Ebook: Coaching Authority Ebook plus articles, checklist & mindmap.


(With Audio MP3 and PDF Transcripts)

   Video 1: Kick Start Your Coaching Program

   Video 2: How To Structure An Effective Coaching Program That Works

   Video 3: Teaching 101

   Video 4: Crash Course In Public Speaking

   Video 5: How And Where To Find Clients

   Video 6: Automating Your Coaching Career

3. E-COACHING SUCCESS VIDEO COURSE (With Audio MP3, PDF Transcripts and Marketing Pack)
   Video 1: e-Coaching Explained

   Video 2: Planning Your Virtual Presentation

   Video 3: How To Attract High Ends Clients

   Video 4: e-Coaching Automation

   Bonus Video 1: The Secret Value For Money

   Bonus Video 2: High End Product Ideas

   Bonus Video 3: High End Offer Positioning Secrets 


Audio Course 1. $100k Per Month Business Model (2-Part MP3 Audio Program)

Audio Course 2. Business Coaching Audio (6 MP3 Audio Programs)

Audio Course 3. Business Coaching Session (MP3 Audio)

Audio Course 4. Coaching And Mentoring Multi-profit Monthly (MP4 Videos and 24 Popular Life Coaches Audio Interviews)

Audio Course 7. Fast Track Success Through Coaching 2-Part Audio Programs

Audio Course 8. Secret To Launching Your Coaching Program In 10 Days Or Less (10 MP3 Audio Programs)

Audio Course 9. Six Figure Coaching (8 MP3 Audios with PDF Transcripts)
GUIDEBOOKS (With Bonus Articles)

Guidebook 1. 3 Ways To Start Your Own Profitable Coaching Program (PDF)

Guidebook 2. Business Coaching And Training Methods (Be the best you can be, PDF + Articles)

Guidebook 3. Coaching For Cash (How to earn insane profits as a personal coach, PDF)

Guidebook 4. Coaching The Coach (A guide to training the trainer so you can better serve and empower others, PDF)

Guidebook 5. Coaching The Coach - Spontaneous Conversation (Mastering the art of conversational speaking and improve communication, PDF)

Guidebook 6. Coaching The Coach - How To Coach (Powerful tips to build your coaching skills, PDF)

Guidebook 7. Coaching The Coach - Selling Your Coaching Program (New approach in marketing your coaching business, PDF)

Guidebook 8. Coaching The Coach - Startups for Coach (Setting yourself up for a successful coaching empire)

Guidebook 9. Coaching The Coach - The Coaching Creator (No sweat guide in creating your own coaching program in less than 30 days)

Guidebook 10. Coaching The Coach (Tips for wildly successful coaching business, PDF + Articles)

Guidebook 11. Mentoring Cash Unleashed (How to make money with your own mentoring program, PDF)

Guidebook 12. Mentoring For Profit (How to start your own mentoring program, PDF)

Guidebook 13. Empower Others Through Personal Development (Become a life coach and empower others to be the best they can be, PDF + Articles)

Guidebook 14. Start An Online Coaching Business Using Your Talents And Expertise (PDF)

Guidebook 15. How To Set Up A $1,000 Coaching Program (Or, How to build a $100,000 business, PDF)

Guidebook 16. Life Coach University (Learn to be a high paid life coach, PDF)

Guidebook 17. Life Coaching And Motivation (Be all you can be!, PDF)

Guidebook 18. Bonus - Online Coaching Outline (PDF)




(Teach What You Know And Start Cashing In!)

   Video 1: Introduction To Your Consulting Business

   Video 2: Determine Your Skills / What You're Good At

   Video 3: Research Your Market

   Video 4: Brainstorming - Figuring Out Your Services

   Video 5: Create An Outline And Create Your Services

   Video 6: Create And Setup Your Website

   Video 7: Prelaunch Or Building Curiosity

Video 8: Marketing - Find Out Where Your Clients Are Hiding 

   - Booking Meeting Template
   - Client Research Template
   - Proposed Solution Templates
   - Questions Template
   - Search For Candidates Template
   - Consulting Sales Workflow
   - Free Resource Guide For Consultant

OFFLINE CONSULTING PACKAGE (Documents And Presentation)
   - Easy Offline Money Strategy
   - Email Marketing Statistics
   - Marketing Plan
   - Auto Responder Workshop Presentation 


Guidebook 1: Consulting For Cash - 5 Day Crash Course (Discover how to efficiently start your own profitable consulting business)

Guidebook 2: Retro Rappin'  (Create your dream offline consulting business while playing the good guy! PDF eBook + Mindmap and More!)

Guidebook 3: 100 Speaker Trainer Tips

Guidebook 4: Offline Goldmine (Make money helping offline)


1) Consulting Secrets to Triple Your Profits – 240 Page PDF – (Retail Value $47)

2) Selling Information – How You Can Easily Create, Market & Sell Knowledge in any Niche – 180 Page PDF – (Retail Value $47)

3) Marketing & Promoting Your Own Seminars & Workshops for Big Profits – 180 Page PDF – (Retail Value $47)

4) Publishing Your own Books for Maximum Profits – 110 Page PDF – (Retail Value $47)

5) Selling Products from the Platform – A Speakers Guide to Profitable Back of the Room Sales – 115 Pages PDF – (Usual Retail $47)

6) Speaking for Millions – How to Make Massive Profits as a Professional Speaker – 235 Page PDF – (Usual Retail $47)


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