Within this short and to the point PDF which is accompanied by Three Instructional Videos with a Combined duration of over One Hour and 50 minutes, not only is it my desire to share with you my thoughts and experiences of how to make the “Gozinta Boxes” a far more Magical, Logical and Entertaining Trick to perform within your show, but also I aim to get you to consider the importance of Continuity when putting your Acts and Shows together.

Along the way you'll also gain insights and knowledge about how to easily adapt tricks to suit different audiences including a great example using Larry Becker's “Will The Cards Match” routine.

I'll share with you my thoughts on how to more effectively structure your Magical Routines, Acts and Shows for Maximum Impact and Audience Response and overall it is hoped that by studying this PDF and the enclosed videos that you will change the way you think about, structure and perform all of your Magic.

Psychological insights into how people really think and what truly motivates them in life are also revealed along the way and you'll be taught how to apply this Knowledge to your performances to once again have a far more dramatic and long lasting affect on your audiences.

You'll gain insights about the power of Suggestion (Both Verbal and Non Verbal) and how this can improve your Magic and Mentalism immensely.

British Music Hall and Variety Star Comedienne Hylda Baker reveals from beyond the grave, her Secret to Getting More Applause and practically guaranteeing a Standing Ovation at every show!

And you will even be given the Solution to overcoming Stage Fright, Pre-Show Nerves and Self-Doubt, enabling you to increase your confidence and calmness when performing with ease.

Heck Royle will even show you how your Magic Tricks and Mentalism can be used to genuinely help people to make positive long lasting changes in their life's on many levels and thus ensuring that you truly remember and talk about you for years to come.

If you'd like to be the best possible performer that you can become and desire to get audience reactions that are usually reserved for famous name “top of the bill” acts, then this package is a must for you!