To Celebrate the fact that on 13th August 2018, Jonathan Royle will turn 43 years of age and also will then have been in Show-Business for 40 years, we have dug into the archives and put together this package of rarely seen videos and clips.

Including clips from various of our training sets which have been released over the past 27+ years..

Royle started doing Hypnotherapy in his former name of Alex-Le-Roy back in 1989 aged just 14 and Comedy Hypnosis Performances back in 1990 aged just 15 and since has travelled the world and achieved major success as illustrated here:

And he is now not only regarded as one of the World's Leading Experts, teachers and trainers of Hypnosis, NLP and related subjects but is also as illustrated at the next link arguably one of the World's Most Qualified Hypnotic Practitoners:

Within this Bumper Package of "Archive" Clips you will learn all of the following:

*Secrets of Professional Hypnotherapy – Volume One

This 46 Minute Video breaks down the structure of Royles Unique “Complete Mind Therapy” approach and was filmed Circa 2000.

*Secrets of Professional Hypnotherapy – Volume Two

This 46 Minute video allows you to become a “Fly on the Wall” as Royle in his former stage name of Alex-Le-Roy conducts an actual Smoking Cessation Session with a real client. This footage is Circa 1998.

*Royle Sampler – (Clips From Courses & Shows Since Circa 1990)

During this 81 minute long compilation video of clips taken from numerous Live Training Courses and Shows that Royle has conducted since Circa 1990, you will learn all of the following things:

*The Guaranteed Locked Hands Suggestibility Test.

Works every time and as such is the perfect Hypnotic Suggestibility Test, Set Piece and Convincer to get clients into the right state of mind.

*The Light & Heavy Hands (Book & Balloon Test)

Forget the rubbish in most of the books and other courses out there as this is the correct way to do this test in such a manner that you get Guaranteed Dramatic Results Every time!

*Falling Backwards Rapid Hypnotic Induction

Made famous by Stage Hypnotists is the Rapid Postural Sway Hypnotic Induction where volunteers end up laid on the floor in a deep trance in a matter of seconds.

*Guaranteed Locked Hands Over Face Gentle Induction

This takes the Guaranteed Locked Hands test to the next level and teaches you how to turn it into a Powerful and Reliable, Rapid and yet extremely gentle Hypnotic Induction which is suitable both for Therapy and Stage.

*Eyes Follow Finger Tip Gentle Rapid Induction

Have your client or volunteer stare at the tip of your finger and then using this technique, you will be able to get them into a deep hypnotic state in a matter of seconds in a gentle and above all else SAFE manner.

*The Animated Arm Illusion

Demonstration of Apparent Psychic or Telepathic Style Hypnosis that works every time.

*The Abnormal Lift

Looks amazing and yet works every time! Four Volunteers who previously were unable to lift a fifth person from a chair using only 2 fingertips each suddenly find that after you have Hypnotized them, that they now seem to have Super Human Strength and can now easily lift the person high into the air.

*Full Body Catalepsy

The Real truth about so called “Hypnotic Full Body Catalepsy” is both demonstrated and then explained in simple easy to follow step by step detail. In truth this has nothing to do with so called Hypnosis, however for centuries Hypnotists and Mesmerist's have used it to prove that they have people in deep Hypnotic Trance States.

*Various Comedy Hypnosis Show Clips

A Varied Selection of Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show Clips taken from Live and Television Shows all over the world from as long ago as 1990.


Also within this bumper package you are going to find numerous Bonus Items and Gifts including....

*The Holy Grail of Hypnotherapy & Stage Hypnosis.

Yes indeed you will gain access to both of these video sets which usually retail for $97 each = $194 elsewhere here in our sellfy store of

These hours of step by step training videos will teach you numerous Rapid and Instant Hypnotic Inductions of use for Stage, Street and also Clinical Therapy Applications, along with teaching you how to develop a huegly profitable Hypnotherapy Practice with relative ease.

*The Royle Road to Internet Riches

You will also gain access to a PDF Manual teaching you the inside Shortcuts & Success Secrets that Royle has been using for years to dominate the internet and will discover how to use these approaches to attract all the customers and clients you could ever desire.

*Bonus Animated Hypnosis Gifs

For a limited time only we are also going to give you access at no cost to our “Animated Hypnosis Gifs” which when used on a Mobile Phone, I-Pad or similar device, can be used as instructed in the package to apparently place people into Deep Hypnotic Trance States in a matter of seconds in a manner that is both 100% SAFE and also 100% GUARANTEED to work each and every time!!

*Three Complete Step by Step Home Study Manuals

You will also gain zero cost access to downloading all 3 of my most popular Home Study Hypnotherapy, NLP, Stage/Street Hypnotism and Related Hypnotic Techniques Complete Home Study Manuals.

BONUS A = Within this package you will also gain access to an additional 47 Step by Step Hypnotherapy, NLP, Stage/Street Hypnosis and related Training Videos from the "Royle Archives" including some Awesome lessons on how to create multiple streams of Passive Income and thus generate Profits even whilst you are asleep at night.

BONUS B = You will also find inside the package some Very Special Limited Time Only Special Offers as another “Thank You” for ordering a copy of this package entitled “ROYLE HYPNOTIST – THE EARLY YEARS”