REAL WORLD A.C.A.A.N = Commercial Any Card At Any Number


(Any Card at Any Number)


The Short video performance on this page is a true and accurate recording of exactly what your audience and also those participating in the ACAAN experiment will perceive and witness when you perform this routine.

Perhaps even more importantly it is how all those participating in the trick and also those watching it will remember it and relate the miracle they have witnessed to other people.

For the record the person in the video is just a customer of the restaurant we filmed in and is genuinely stunned and amazed at the impossibility of the card he merely thought of being located at the randomly chosen number.

Absolutely no pre-show work is required, No Stooges (Instant or otherwise) and no Secret Cueing, complicated memory work or difficult Sleight of Hand is involved at any time.

Any deck of cards can be used and indeed this routine can easily be presented completely impromptu immediately after being handed a thoroughly shuffled borrowed deck and the outcome will always be a seemingly true miracle when you follow the instructions to the letter.

One person can merely think of any playing card that comes into their mind and keep it secret to themselves as another person names out loud any number from 1 to 52.

The number is used to count down that many cards in the deck, this is done by an audience member and not by the Performer.

Only when the card located at the number that was randomly chosen is reached does the other person name the card they were merely thinking of and have in mind.

They are then asked to turn over the face down card that was located at the randomly chosen number and to everyone's utter astonishment it is the exact card that was merely thought of and not named until now.

During the included 28 minutes of training videos you will also be taught several other ways to achieve both this same outcome and also a more conventional ACAAN where the name of the Card is revealed before the cards are counted down to the chosen number.