NLP SCHOOL - "Start Your Own Profitable NLP Training School" - (Complete Business In A Box)

Within this bumper download package you will gain instant access to all of the materials and resources that you will ever need in order to successfully start your own Highly Profitable NLP Training School. Not only will you be provided with absolutely everything you need to run an introductory one day NLP Course for the Public, but also everything you will ever need to run a complete Certified 5 Day NLP Practitioner Course. Together with those will also be supplied all the materials needed to use the new NLP Skills you will learn to run 15 Different "High in Demand" and thus very Profitable courses for the corporate Arena teaching them various ways that NLP related techniques and skills can be used by their staff to increase their businesses success and profits. Further you will also be provided with several NLP related Products that come to you with full resale rights and even ready made websites to help you start profiting from selling them almost immediatly. And finally you will also gain access to Six complete step by Step PDF Training Courses which will reveal exactly how to generate all the business, paying students for your courses and sales for your NLP realted Products that you will ever desire or need. These Six Bonus PDF Training Manuals cover all areas of: Running a Profitable Consultancy and Coaching Business. Selling Information and Training Products for Big Profits. Marketing Your Seminars and Training Events with Huge Success. How to Profit from Public Speaking with your Skills and Talents. Publishing & Product Creations for Massive Income Streams. And also: How to Sell Products from the Stage and Platform Successfully. Combine the knowledge in these Six Training Manuals with the resources in this download package and you quite literally have a "license to print money" Some additional information on the One Day and Five Day Certified Course Packages are as follows: "Neuro Linguistic Programming" A 1 Day Workshop NLP is the study of human excellence and demonstrates how to communicate effectively and influence others. It was developed in the 1970's by Bandler & Grinder, who were studying successful people in order to analyze successful behavior. Since then NLP has been developed further and examines thought processes, language patterns and human behavior. NLP helps us to understand the connection between human behavior, emotions, mind, body and actions. Basically, it helps us to improve the effectiveness and impact of our communication. This course is for anyone who wishes to be able to understand the basics of NLP, be able to improve their communication and take charge of their life. The course outline is: Ø What is NLP? Ø Setting your goal - what do you want to get out of the session? Ø The Pre-suppositions of NLP, including: § The map is not the territory § People respond according to their map of the world § There is no failure, only feedback § The meaning of the communication is the response it elicits § If what you are doing is not working, do something different § You cannot not communicate § Individuals have all the resources they need to achieve their desired outcomes § Every behavior has a positive intent § People are much more than their behavior § The mind and body are interlinked and affect each other § Having choice is better than not having choice § Modeling successful performance leads to excellence Ø Rapport § Feel at ease with your actions and what you are trying to achieve in life § Use rapport in conversations and interactions with others § Use body language and the pace of communication to good effect § Understand situations from the other person’s perspective Ø Senses § Actively use your senses: vision and sight, hearing and sound, feelings and touch, smell and aroma, and taste § Understand your primary representation system § Recognize others primary representation systems through language and eye accessing cues § Learn how to adapt your speech to help build rapport § Recognize buying strategies and adapt approach to suit Ø Outcomes § Understanding our beliefs and drivers § Re-framing § Creating your own 'Life Pizza' to understand your goals Ø Flexibility § Being flexible in your approach to things, creating new perspectives § Understand why you may interpret situations differently to others Ø By the end of the workshop, your delegates will be able to: ü Motivate themselves and others ü Communicate effectively ü Think positively ü Create actions to make a difference What will you receive? You will receive within the download file (all docs come as Word or PowerPoint). Ø Trainers Notes § A very detailed and concise explanation of what you should do during the session, complete with the comments you should make and notes on what to do during activities etc. This is a very detailed step-by-step way of training. Ø Complete Handouts § All handouts required for the course are included and can be made into a stylish workbook. Ø Course Contents § Details what is included in the course, so delegates have complete awareness Ø PowerPoint Slides § All slides necessary to run the course Ø Activities § All activities contained within the course and the trainer notes to run them Ø Evaluation Form § An Evaluation Form for trainees to give you feedback on the course, and your teaching methods. PLUS YOU ALSO GET EVERYTHING NEEDED TO RUN A FIVE DAY NLP COURSE: Teach a Complete 5 Certified NLP Practitioner Course Run your own NLP Practitioner Course. Most courses Cost around £1500 for each person attending. This is a complete 5 day course and consists of the following material: Ø 5 days of Power Point presentation Ø 5 Days of Trainers Notes Ø A 48 Page Student Exercise Book Ø A 281 Page Student workbook Ø 18 training exercises Ø Ice Breaker Ø Course Evaluation Form Ø NLP Session Plan (Blank for you to fill in the times) Ø Neuro Linguistic Programming Examination Paper Ø Neuro Linguistic Programming Examination Paper – Answers Ø NLP Practitioner Certificate (Can be tailored to your organisation) Your students will learn the following and much more: The Presuppositions of NLP The basic beliefs and assumptions that underpin success. Well Formed Outcomes The framework of questions which ensures ecological, desirable and attainable goals and objectives. State Management The ability of an individual to monitor and have influence on their emotional responses to situations. Rapport The ability to establish and maintain a level of relationship sufficient to achieve desired outcomes. Sensory Acuity The ability to notice the subtle changes in behaviour that indicate internal changes in another person. Calibration The ability to notice patterns in behaviour so that changes in intensity can be detected and interpreted. Our Representational Systems The neurological mechanisms behind the five sense which indicate preferred methods of gathering and processing information. Perceptual Positions The different perspectives from which a situation can be viewed to gain more information. The Meta Model A language model that enables the deeper structure of experience to become more apparent. The Milton Model A model of the influential language patterns used by Milton Erickson to induce an altered trance state. Anchors The conscious use of stimulus response patterns to affect shifts in experience. Sub-modalities The ability to notice and adjust the inherent qualities of internal representations. Strategies The internal sequences of behaviour that are habitually used to achieve an outcome. Frames The use of setting boundaries on contexts to transmit, make and alter meaning. Plus Many Other Invaluable Techniques, Strategies and Approaches... YOU WILL NEVER RUN AN EASIER COURSE REMEMBER: You Get everything needed to run the 1 day and also 5 Day Certified NLP Courses, together with 15 Complete Training Packages to Profit from the Corporate Arena, all supplied with various ready made products with ready made websites and sales materials and of course six explosive training manuals revealing EXACTLY how to make MAXIMUM PROFITS for minimum investment of time and money! On its own THIS PACKAGE IS AWESOME, but combine it with the knowledge and skills you can gain and learn from our "Profitable Public Speaking Package" available elsewhere on this site and the sky is quite literally the limit.