Filmed Live at Dr. Jonathan Royle's Unique Two Day Training event which took place during October 2015 in Greater Manchester (England) this Mind Blowing Package contains Private Viewing Links to a Grand total of Twelve (12) different training videos, which between them have a combined running time of over Eleven (11) Hours & Thirty (30) Minutes duration.

This was the first seminar that Royle ran after turning 40 Years of age and after celebrating his involvement of over 26 years in Hypnotherapy, over 25 years in Stage & Street Hypnosis and also ultimately 37 years in various areas of Show-Business.

Watch, Listen, Study, Absorb and be both truly Entertained as well as Educated as you are taken on a true Roller Coaster Ride into the Mind and Extensive Hypnotic Experiences of Jonathan Royle as he demonstrates, reveals and explains many things that he has never taught in such detail at any of his previous events to date.

Over the two days he also gave an overview and insights into the vast majority of Techniques, Strategies and Methods that he has used over the years to become one of the Worlds Most Successful Hypnotic Exponents and arguably one of it's Leading Hypnosis Experts and Trainers as well.

If your an experienced Hypnotherapist or Stage-Hypnotist then most likely, this is the set of videos that will make you realise just how much your original trainers misled you, held back from you and quite possibly even directly lied to you and it's also the set of videos that will give you an entirely new view on how and why Hypnosis of all Kinds Truly Works and how this Knowledge and insight will make you a far better Hypnotist.

For those of you who are just starting out in the World of all things Hypnotic, NLP, Mesmerism and related fields, this is the set of videos that could potentially save you hundreds of hours of wasted study and many thousands of pounds or dollars, as along the way you'll discover the truth of how you truly can become a Master Hypnotist without having to spend hundreds of hours studying or a Kings Ransom on Courses, Training Products or Services.

Amongst the numerous Hints, Tips, Techniques and Real World, Tried, Tested and Consistently Proven to work Strategies you will see both demonstrated and explained in a simple, easy to understand step by step manner are:

*How to have someone tap away their problems, positively and permanently within literally just a few minutes using Royle's approach of “Complete Mind Tapping” aka CMT.

*The Seven Psychological and Emotional Keys to every Human Beings Problems and how to Positively manipulate them to help them to easily, effectively and permanently overcome any Habits, Addictions, Fears, Phobias or indeed any other Problem or issue that they may have from A through to Z.

*How to have someone “MELT” their problems away in just a few short minutes using Royle's unique approach of “Mind Emotion Liberation Techniques” aka MELT.

*The Four Psychological Foundations of the Mind that are always both the underlying cause of every persons problems and also most always (99% of the time) also the route to overcoming and positively reversing and/or eliminating such things forever.

*Discover the real truth about SUDS (Subjective Units of Distress) and the insiders Secret Physical, Verbal and Psychological Techniques that make using the SUDS Scale of Zero through to Ten one of the most powerful tools that you will ever learn and use in your therapeutic work.

*Why everything you thought you knew about Hypnosis, NLP and related Psychological Talking Therapies and Treatment Techniques is in fact wrong and how facing up to the truth will make you a far more successful Mind Therapy Practitioner.

*How in truth a Stage Hypnotist never Hypnotizes anybody who steps foot onto the stage and rather instead actually Hypnotizes the people sat in the audience. We're not talking group suggestibility tests here either, we really mean that Royle Reveals how to be truly successful as a Stage Hypnotist you need to realise it is the audience you need to Hypnotise and not the people who volunteer to come on stage and yes indeed he gives insights into exactly how this can easily be achieved.

*The Shocking Truth About Pain and Pleasure, how they hold people back in life and often amplify so called “problems” and so called “health” issues and how you can help people to overcome these blocks with ease.

*Royle Reveals the shocking truth about exactly how Successful Stage Hypnosis Shows & Street Hypnosis Performances truly work and how opening your eyes to his often controversial experiences and conclusions will without doubt help make you a far more effective & powerful Hypnotist.

*How to Hi-Jack a clients misconceptions and distorted views of reality and use those misconceptions and distorted views to your own (and their) positive advantage to Hypnotise them more rapidly, more deeply and more effectively than most “Hypnotists” would ever be able to.

*The Simple Step by Step Plan that when implemented could enable you to become a best selling Amazon author and consequently a perceived “Hypnosis” or “Self-Help” expert overnight and how this can and will help you to earn way more money in all areas of your Hypnosis business.

*Yes indeed discover how to actually enable the vast majority of people you Hypnotize for Therapy to truly, genuinely and sincerely experience that MAGIC feeling of being truly “out of it” and “deep under like a Zombie” that so many of them have come to believe is the experience of Hypnosis from watching Films and TV Shows.

*An insight into the proven Advertising, Marketing, Publicity and Promotional Secrets of the World's Most Famous, Richest and by far Most Successful Hypnotherapists, Life Coaches, Self-Help Experts and also Comedy Stage Hypnotists!

*Guaranteed techniques to display and have the client/volunteer truly experience Amazing Hypnotic Phenomena such as their eyelids apparently becoming glued together and them being genuinely unable to open them or for example them being unable to say their own name out loud and how to use these to increase your success both as a Therapy Practitioner and/or Comedy Stage Hypnotist.

*Various Method's which will enable you to be 100% Confident that those you are Hypnotizing will experience genuine tangible so called “Hypnotic Phenomena” which will both prove to them you are a powerful Hypnotist and also help amplify the “Trance State”

*The Late and Great Dave Elman's most powerful Secret and Technique is finally taught and explained fully and correctly for the very first time. Hidden in plain sight for decades, this technique will enable you to almost instantly have practically 100% success in meeting complete strangers and within a matter of seconds or a few short minutes having them experience the reality of their Foot being Stuck to the floor, their arm stuck to the wall, their eyes glued shut being impossible to open, their name having vanished and them not being able to say it and indeed a whole host of other similar mind blowing stunts will also become instantly possible for you when you have learnt and understand this Powerful Technique!

*The Most Reliable, Powerful and Effective method for obtaining Hypnotic Glove Anaesthesia for Pain Control and Elimination Purposes that you will ever learn. This truly is a million times more potent than anything anyone else there is teaching at this time!

*The Placebo Effect and how to harness its power in the most Ethical and Effective manner is discussed, demonstrated and taught in great detail and this section of the training alone will make you a far more effective Hypnotist than any previous study you may have done or previous training you may have had.

*What Evangelical Preachers, Spiritual Healers and New Age Therapy Practitioners can teach us, which when put into action will help you to obtain far more consistently successful results with all whom you Hypnotize!

*The correct uses of Disorientation and Confusion Techniques, together with the effective and ethical manipulation of peoples Beliefs, Expectancy, Perceptions and Emotions are all covered in a truly eye opening manner.

*How you could easily create 100's of new high in demand, low cost to produce, high profit margin Self-Help Products within a week or so of studying the resources revealed within this video set.

*Discover all of the most (until now) jealously guarded insider secrets of the 14 year old boy, who after listening to just three hours of audio recordings and reading an approx 68 page manual started a successful Hypnotherapy Practice literally overnight and now almost 26 years on is considered by many as one of the World's Most Successful Hypnotists. If this true story does not give you more confidence to succeed and achieve true success as a Hypnotist, whether for Therapy and/or Entertainment Purposes then frankly nothing will ever do the trick!

*The Psychology of Designing, Printing, Distributing and Using the Perfect Leaflet to attract an endless stream of high paying therapy clients which will leave all your so called “competitors” out in the cold and also how this Psychology can be applied to getting more Stage Hypnosis Shows.

*Learn from the most valuable lessons of the very Young Teenager whose First Stage Hypnosis Show Failed Miserably. Discover exactly why it all went wrong and what this teaches you to enable you to become a far more effective and successful Comedy Stage Hypnotist.

*Discover the Shocking and Truly Eye Opening and Thought Provoking Truth about how the Media (Television, Radio, Newspapers and Magazines) truly do manipulate and brainwash the masses around the world and how understanding this can and will help you to be a far more powerful and effective Hypnotic Practitioner whether that be for therapeutic and/or entertainment purposes.

*The True Psychology and real “Power” of the Comedy Stage Hypnotist is revealed and it has very little (if anything) to do with so called Hypnosis whatsoever. This is a real game changer, understand this fully and you will immediately gain more consistent and successful results with all your Stage and/or Street Hypnosis Performances.

*The Ridiculously easy to implement Secrets of Profitable Group Hypnotherapy Treatment Seminars are taught enabling you to potentially earn many thousands of $$$/£££ each night for just a few hours work.

*How Do Psychological Eye Movement Therapies Like Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) or The Speakmans Trademarked Approach of “Visual Coding Displacement Therapy” (VCDT) really work??

Well Royle Reveals his thoughts on these Visual Confusion Disorientation Techniques in eye opening detail.

*Plus so many other little known, usually jealously guarded inside Secrets, Ploys, Technique and Strategies for Hypnotic Success that this really must be the World's Best Value for Money Video Training Package ever Released.

IMPORTANT NOTICE = Some sections of the live 2 day event were not caught on camera, however you do get Twelve (12) different training videos, which between them have a combined running time of over Eleven (11) Hours & Thirty (30) Minutes duration and most certainly do teach all of the topics mentioned on this page.

WARNING = Due to the delicate, powerful and often controversial nature of many of the “Insider Trade Secrets” revealed within this package, it is a condition of purchase, that by clicking “buy it now”, making payment and obtaining this product, you are 100% Legally agreeing never to divulge, share, sell, resell, teach, distribute or reveal in any manner any of the Secrets, Information, Advice, Facts and Techniques contained within these 12 videos in any manner existing now or invented in the future.

WARNING: Further by purchasing you are also 100% Legally agreeing to reimburse us for any losses and/or to pay any and all Legal Costs involved in any manner incurred as a result should you choose to divulge, share, sell, resell, teach, distribute or reveal in any manner any of the Secrets, Information, Advice, Facts and Techniques contained within these 12 videos in any manner existing now or invented in the future in contravention to the legal agreement you will have made by clicking “buy it now” or obtaining these videos in any other manner.

WARNING: These videos were filmed on a basic camcorder at a Live Event, whilst they are not professional footage, the visual are more than adequate to learn everything that is taught, and the sound, although a little quiet at times, can be heard more than enough by turning the volume up on your computer or perhaps using headphones or speakers with an additional amplifier and volume control fitted. By purchasing you acknowledge that you are aware of this.

NEW TO HYPNOSIS?? = This package of videos is the one that Jonathan Royle himself truly believes will be the package most likely to help newbies and those just starting out to Save Many Thousands of Pounds and Dollars whilst also cutting their required study time down to achieve real success by potentially hundreds of hours!

EXPERIENCED IN HYPNOSIS?? = Royle also believes that this is the video set most likely to make established experienced Hypnotists realise that they still have much too learn and that the perfect, indeed the only intelligent choice of person to teach them those “missing links” those “missing bits of the success jigsaw” is Jonathan Royle himself.

As a final warning we can pretty much guarantee you that after studying the contents of this video package you will want to take your study of Jonathan Royle's Unique Approach & Trainings to the next level.

Oh that and do not under any circumstances order this video set if you are offended by swearing, graphic mental images or are scared to learn the REAL TRUTH about How and Why Hypnosis, NLP and all related techniques truly do work.

Let's just say whatever you think you currently know is probably wrong and that's one of the main reasons why your currently nowhere near as successful as you have the potential to become when you open your mind and discover the true secrets of Hypnotic Success.

To say the contents of this video set are explosive would be a gross understatement of the highest order. The revelations they contain will blow your mind, force you to question your beliefs and change your view of Hypnosis and Related Subjects forever. Don't ever say we did not warn you! The Biggest Hypnosis Training Bargain Ever, available for a Strictly Limited Period for only: $147