A Taste of Royle - (Hypnotic & Mentalism Sample Pack)

Well as you may know, we recently released our New and Exclusive product entitled "Visual Confusion Disorientation Techniques" and we got tons of emails from people asking two questions as follows: a) Is there any cheaper way than paying $197 at the link of https://sellfy.com/p/II7C/ to get access to the VCDT Training Video? b) Is there anyway of trying out Royle's products before investing into them fully? As a result of those questions we have put this unique package together, containing sample and example videos from pretty much each of the training sets we sell on this site. Amongst the videos that you get, you will also get the full "visual Confusion Disorientation Techniques" Video along with the Written Notes and Bullet Points that go with it. However Consider further, that, When you purchase this package, in total you will receive Private Online Access to Fifty Three (53) Different Eye Opening Training Videos. Between these 53 Videos they make up a total of Over Fifty Four (54) Hours of Unique & Unrivaled Training in all areas of NLP, Hypnotherapy, Stage and Street Hypnosis, Hypnotic Seduction, Mentalism and Mind Reading and of course how to make the maximum Profits from your new skills and talents. The package includes a random selection of example videos from pretty much all of the individual training packages that we retail at http://www.sellfy.com/JonathanRoyle/ And also you will gain Download Access to our three massive home study training manuals. As such this is the ideal way to get a proper feel for Jonathan Royle's Unique and often Controversial and Shocking Training Style, whilst also giving you a far better idea which of the packages you would benefit from studying most and would like to investigate further. Amongst the sample videos you will find footage from all of the events that the students in the following videos are giving testimonials and positive praise about: CALIFORNIA SEMINAR – STUDENT COMMENTS http://youtu.be/3pF_PoCJ76s LONDON & BRISTOL EVENTS – STUDENT COMMENTS http://youtu.be/RNt4M0zX5s4 LAS VEGAS TRAINING – STUDENT COMMENTS http://youtu.be/Zcz9X56xIxA Yes that is right, you will gain access to some of the video footage from each of those live training events that all of those people have just raved about in the above videos! Do yourself a favor, take a look at the further Rave Reviews, Positive Comments and Past Student Testimonials that appear at the following links, absorb what these people say and imagine how invaluable it will prove to be to you, when you gain a selection of the Ploys, Secrets, Strategies and Techniques that they learnt on my courses and of which. many YOU WILL LEARN FROM THE SAMPLE VIDEOS CONTAINED WITHIN THIS PACKAGE HYPNOTHERAPY & NLP TESTIMONIAL’S www.magicalguru.com/therapystudents/ HYPNOSIS & NLP MARKETING SUCCESS COMMENT’S www.magicalguru.com/marketing/ STAGE & STREET HYPNOSIS TESTIMONIAL’S www.magicalguru.com/stagestudents/ MENTALISM & MIND CONTROL COMMENTS wwww.magicalguru.com/mindcontrol/ VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE.. Please also be aware that when you purchase this package, within it you will find a Private Direct Link entitling you to a MASSIVE 65% DISCOUNT off the usual price of becoming a Member of "The Elite Hypnosis Bootcamp and Passive Profits Systems" When you have studied the sample videos in this package, we feel sure that you will want to take advantage of the 65% Discount and gain access to basically pretty much everything we have ever taught and/or released. We must have gone bonkers to make this available so ridiculously cheaply, but we figure when you have taken a closer look at the contents of this package, you will soon becoming back to us for much more! Exciting News – All Our Products Now Come with Real Live Personal Assistance and Support Included at No Additional Cost. Our Products and Courses were already the Most Comprehensive and Best Value for Money, whilst also being Unique and Unrivaled in all manners, but now things just got even better for you all... http://tinyurl.com/qz3q8e7