Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis - (The Complete Mind Therapy Approach)

Dear Fellow Hypnotist, I know your time is extremely valuable so please just allow me to get straight to the point and reveal to you a few things that I’m certain will positively change the way you approach NLP and Hypnotherapy forever! Please read every word of this short letter, as whether you’re a complete Novice wanting to become a Confident, Competent and Hugely Successful Qualified NLP Hypnotherapist or you’re an experienced Professional, we are certain that the information below will prove invaluable to you as well as SHOCKING…. HAVE YOU BEEN BREAKING THE LAW? It’s a Shocking but very true fact, that many so called Professional Hypnotherapists are breaking the law on a daily basis every time they treat a client, and what’s even more shocking is that practically all of them don’t even realise what they are doing and are unwittingly placing themselves into a very vulnerable position of potentially great Legal repercussions and in some cases even possible Criminal Prosecution. ARE YOU PLACING YOUR CLIENT’S IN GREAT DANGER? Now I know you wouldn’t intentionally place anyone into a position of Danger, however my research has exposed the very real fact that many Hypnotherapists, especially a large percentage of those who offer Weight Management Hypnosis or Gastric Band Hypnotherapy are placing many of their clients into positions of Great Danger. What’s even scarier is the fact that the vast majority of courses out there don’t go into enough depth about Health & Safety, Treatment Risk Assessments and other related areas, in truth the vast majority of the courses out there don’t cover these areas at all. As a consequence there are thousands of Hypnotherapists around the world who are most likely not just breaking the law and placing themselves at risk, but also unknowingly placing their clients at risk of potentially very serious side effects. BE SAFE – BE LEGAL – BE SUCCESSFUL Order this package today to discover how you can easily ensure that you are 100% Safe, Legal & Successful in everything you do with NLP & Hypnotherapy and also of course how to become totally Confident & Competent in treating most every Habit, Addiction, Fear, Phobia, Emotional Problem or other issue that may ever be presented to you from A thru to Z. THIS PACKAGE IS AVAILABLE FOR INSTANT DOWNLOAD TODAY Our Unique & Exclusive “Safe & Legal Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Risk Management” training package, which also teaches you proven treatment approaches for Smoking Cessation, Confidence Issues, Pain Control, Phobia Elimination and all the other most common issues that you will ever encounter is available for Instant Download Today… You get the Safety & Risk Management Training Guide, The Scripts, Session Structure Order, Back up Audios, The Sound Effects to use in sessions and even a Ready made "Gastric Band" Logo to use in your advertising. If you want to add the lucrative area of "Gastric Band Hypnosis" to your tool kit then this is the only package for you as it was compiled by Dr. Jonathan Royle with help from Dr. Wilf Archer. Dr. Wilf Archer is one of Britain’s Most Highly Qualified and Skilled Experienced Hypnotherapists and indeed is the Competent Health and Safety person for the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC) here in England. He is a Chartered Member of the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health No. 034293 - A Member of Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development No. 10756998 - A registered member of Occupational Safety and Health Consultant Register as well as holding numerous diplomas and qualifications in all areas of Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP and related Alternative and Complementary Health Treatment Approaches. In otherwords he is along with Dr. Jonathan Royle THE ONLY INTELLIGENT choice of person to teach you the 100% SAFE - LEGAL & LAWFUL way to conduct "Virtual Gastric Band" Hypnotherapy Treatment Sessions.