Secrets of The Miracle Worker Style Yogi's The Lid’s Lifted On The Incredibly Simple To Master Secrets Of The Miracle Worker Style Yogi’s, Strongmen, Martial Arts Experts And So Called Motivational Life Changing Guru’s DISCOVER THE MAGICAL SECRETS OF THE SIDESHOW FREAKS AS YOU LEARN FIRE-EATING – GLASS WALKING – FIRE WALKING & OTHER MIND BLOWING STUNTS WARNING = This unique video and training package are supplied strictly for entertainment and educational purposes only. Most of the techniques taught are genuinely DANGEROUS if not performed correctly and as such it is a condition of sale, that you use the contents entirely at your own risk. However, when you consider that Top Television Hypnotist Dr. Jonathan Royle was born into a Showbiz Family whilst travelling with Gandey’s Circus and realize that his father Les-Le-Roy alias Clown Tizzy has traveled the world in his alter ego of The Amazing Etna presenting feats of Fire-Eating, Fire Breathing, Body Burning, Glass Walking and other Yogi Style stunts such as climbing up a Ladder of Swords and lying on Beds of Nails, then you will know this video training set teaches you the REAL SECRETS of these “MIRACLES”. In Royle’s trademark no nonsense, no stone left unturned manner, he demonstrates on the video all of the following: The exact techniques of safely Eating Fire as used by his Father (The Amazing Etna) at Cirque D’hiver the Famous Three Ring Circus in Bouglione – Paris) and also on such Top UK Circus Shows as Gandey’s & Fossett’s along with all the top Cabaret Venues and Theatres in Europe are taught and demonstrated How to do so called “Body Burning” whereby you run fire over your body without getting burned is revealed and explained next The technique’s of “Fire Breathing” – the so called “Human Volcano” which enabled Royle’s Father (The Amazing Etna) to become the only Speciality Act in the World to ever appear in Three Consecutive Seasons at The World Famous Belle Vue Circus in Manchester (England) are discussed and taught on the video Royle then explains THE BED OF NAILS in detail revealing how to build your own in exactly the same manner as his Father and also how this amazing looking Yogi Feat works safely You’ll then witness Royle perform the famous sideshow feat called THE HUMAN BLOCKHEAD as he hammers a Six Inch Nail into his face and then removes it without any blood or pain! The explanation of how this works is as shocking as the performance itself and is the EXACT stunt as recently used on Derren Brown’s Mind Control Expert’s Theatre Tour and his Television Show Royle then reveals the true secret of “safely” walking on fire, so called walking over “hot coals” – this is the type of feat that Anthony Robbins has used for many years at his sell-out motivational events to make huge £££/$$$. The show stopping finale of the DVD is watching Royle WALK OVER BROKEN GLASS BOTTLES. You can hear the glass breaking under the weight of his body as he walks over the remains of the smashed bottles and half way across he even dances the twist on the broken glass a routine which his Father (The Amazing Etna) has performed all over the world! You are then taught every insider technique of this mindblowing feat which was used by Derren Brown both on TV and during his theatre tour and also has been used by many Hypnosis & NLP trainers around the world in their Motivational & Inspirational Life Changing “Breakthrough” sessions. YOU ALSO RECIEVE THE TRAINING MANUAL WHICH REVEALS Further resources and information on the areas of Glass Walking, Fire Walking, Bed of Nails, The Human Block Head (Nail into Face), Fire Eating, Breathing and Blowing (The Human Volcano) and much more Information giving details, insights and secrets on Sword Swallowing and the so called Human Pincushion (pushing needles through your body) Secrets of so called “Strong Man” feats often used by Martial Artists to demonstrate the use of Chi Energy including Breaking Bricks with your bare hands, Bending Steel Bars with your bare hands, ripping a deck of cards or even a telephone directory in half with your bare hands, and other mind blowing Yogi Magical Looking Feats such as hammering a nail into wood or even a wall using only your bare hands THESE ARE THE STUNT’S WHICH MAKE REPUTATIONS Some people choose to combine these feats to perform a complete Circus Style or Cabaret Speciality Act, others such as Magician’s and Mentalism Mind Control Psychic Style Experts present them as demonstrations of mind over matter and still others such as Life Coaches, Lifestyle Gurus and those using Hypnosis & NLP to help other’s use them as “Life Changing” Visual Methaphors. In any event you will gain access to Video Training and also a PDF Manual that between them will teach you all of the above in simple step by step detail. But be warned, there are very real dangers to performing any of these stunts, and although you will discover the Safest possible ways to learn and perform all of these reputation making feats, you are warned that you try any of them entirely at your own risk. This Video and PDF package being supplied Strictly for Entertainment and Educational "Research" Purposes Only.